Top 10 Science Kits for Kids

Science sets for kids have become one of the most popular ways to awaken interest in STEM in children. When looking for the right STEM project, parents (and kids) are oftentimes most concerned with whether or not the certain science project is a good fit for their kid. It is important to consider a few things while buying these, and most importantly, to find a kit that teaches STEM skills through play.


How to choose STEM activities for kids;

When choosing the right STEM activity for your kid, the gist of it is to look at the following:


  • your child’s age
  • which STEM topics your child likes
  • consider how much time you have to help them

Your Child’s Age

Even though kids can enjoy science at any age, certain projects call for more experience and expertise, so be sure to consider whether or not your child is old enough to use a specific science kit, or to give them proper guidance or help if their age is under the recommended one. To determine this, look at the suggested age range that is often shown on the packaging. If your child is more advanced or has more previous experience, venture into getting them what is suitable for ages older than theirs, and don’t forget to give them guidance where needed.

Which STEM Topics Your Child Likes

To spark the kid’s engagement through the whole project, it is important to choose a kit that focuses on the topic your child likes and is interested in. When completing longer projects, another tip here would be to take breaks.

Consider How Much Time You Have to Help Them

If you have a younger child, it’s most likely that you’ll be helping them with the project at least in some capacity. So, if your help is needed, be sure that you’ll have enough time before starting the project, to help your child finish the project from start to end.

These are just a few basic guidelines but, to help you, even more, we prepared a list of top 10 science kits that include hands-on activities for kids that are sure to make them excited about science and keep you happy as they teach real STEM skills.


1. Little Tikes - STEM Jr. Wonder Lab

Little Tikes-STEM Jr. Wonder Lab


Ages: 2-5
Pros: Many hours of fun
Cons: On the more expensive side
$124 at Amazon

If there’s one thing younger kids enjoy, it's life-sized playsets. This set by Little Tikes is exactly that, it’s a STEM lab featuring 20 different hands-on experiments you can complete with simple household items. This playset is also very colorful, plays with sounds, and has accessories like test tubes, spoons, goggles, and more that will make your kid feel like an actual scientist while doing real experiments.


2. Snap Circuits: Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit



Ages: 5+
Pros: A very hands-on engaging activity
Cons: Can be pretty loud
$22 at Amazon


Snap Circuits create awesome introductory kits to electronics. This particular kit is suitable for elementary school kids that show interest in learning engineering skills. With 14 included parts, your child will explore how to build different electronic projects. A beginner-friendly manual is also included and the kit features lots of lights, sounds, and activities to keep your child engaged.


3. The Magic School Bus: Exploring the Wonders of Nature


The Magic School Bus Exploring the Wonders of Nature


Ages: 5-12
Pros: Many different and unexpected activities
Cons: Compass and binoculars are not included
$20 at Amazon


This proper science kit is perfect for all nature lovers. Not only does it include fun tools like the already familiar butterfly net or magnifying glass, but it also has unusual activities like leaf pressing and animal track. The kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow.


4. ThinkFun: Circuit Maze Electric Current Logic Game

ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Logic Game


Ages: 8+
Pros: Offers a stealth learning experience and develops logical reasoning
Cons: The challenges become increasingly difficult
$33 at Amazon

The concept teaches you about basic electronic circuitry and logic at the same time. Not many of us practiced these at the tender age of 8, but thanks to this ThinFun game, our kids can gain an understanding of how these engineering components work.

Spoiler: Parents who play along may even learn a thing or two themselves.


5. 4M: Magnet Science Kit

4M Magnet Science Kit


Ages: 8+
Pros: Kit contains materials to make interactive magnetic objects like
Cons: The fishing part is very very small.
$14 at Amazon

You had to love magnets as a kid!

This affordable science set has a combination of games and fun science experiments to teach about the fundamentals of magnetism. 4M educational toys include a wide range of educational subjects like robotics kits, arts and crafts kits, science, and much more.

6. Green Science: Weather Science Kit


Green Science Weather Science Kit


Ages: 8+
Pros: Easy to assemble
Cons: Some materials needed in the instructions are not included in the box
$11 at Amazon

The Green Science Weather Kit by 4M allows both kids and parents to explore different aspects of weather. They can experiment with static electricity, make mini clouds, observe air currents, and build a water cycle model—all while gaining essential knowledge in the green concepts like recycling, alternative energy, and climate change.

7. Thames And Kosmos: Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit


Thames And Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit


Ages: 8+
Pros: Over 40 pages of experiments
Cons: Some materials needed in the instructions are not included in the box
$45 at Amazon

This chemistry science project is designed and perfect for young kids, as they can safely conduct experiments to identify different chemicals using reaction, evaporation, crystallization, and heat.

Explore the invisible gas carbon dioxide and its visible effects!

8. CircuitMess: Nibble DIY Game Console kit


Ages: 9+
Pros: No prior knowledge is needed
Cons: On the more expensive side
$80 at Amazon

From a simple box with a couple of electronic components to a fully functional gaming console! Be the coolest kid around and play your games on the go!

Nibble’s main goal is to educate and motivate you to learn something new or brush up on the skills you already have. It also serves as an entry point into electronics, making it the perfect project for starting your big engineering career.


9. AmScope: Beginner Microscope Kit


AmScope Beginner Microscope Kit


Ages: 9+
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Items are very hard to get out of the case
$34 at Amazon

Here’s a fun science toy for your future microbiologist. This is our personal favorite for the best microscope for children. It’s durable, but kids also can see incredible magnification!

This kit comes with all the parts that are needed to make your kid love science, and not just they are made of the finest materials and with the best optics, but they also ensure that you get all the answers and solutions to all your questions and endeavors. Great for the beginner scientists!

10. Smithsonian: Mega Science Lab

Smithsonian Mega Science Lab


Ages: 10+
Pros: Younger kids can use it as well
Cons: Does not include goggles
$33 at Amazon

For a great all-around science kit for older kids, this lab-in-a-box can’t be beaten. Whether you are building a model of the Earth and Moon, growing crystals, or digging for T-rex crystals, there is plenty of room for scientific inquiry. The box comes with all the needed tools and materials, including an eco dome pod, wood mallet, a weather station with a thermometer, and a bug collecting tool. Be sure that your kid will love this science kit, as it comes with multiple projects and science experiments.
As seen so far, there are projects with a little bit of everything for everybody and every age. Entertain and enhance your kids' skills while accelerating learning with any of these stem activities for kids, and don’t forget to have fun together with them by becoming a little scientist yourself.

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