Creating with Ringo and Arduino

Creating with Ringo and Arduino


Whenever you upload a program it will effectively "erase" the whole Ringo firmware from the phone. If you want to return it, follow step 13! If you don't want to do any work on your phone right now, you can skip these next few steps.

7. Select the installed board

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Again go to Tools -> Board and in  the dropdown menu under category 'ESP32 Arduino' find 'Ringo by CircuitMess'.

It should be somewhere at the bottom. Select the board.

8. If you haven't already, connect your Ringo phone to the PC via micro-USB to USB cable

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It will connect to one of the COM ports.

Go to 'Tools' and under 'Board' section select 'Port' and find the port on which Ringo is connected.

 If 'Port' is greyed out it means the phone is not correctly connected.

Change the USB port and/or check your cable.

9. Write your first program

In the void setup() section write the following line: 


 Under the void loop() section write something like this:   

Serial.print("My first Arduino program for CircuitMess Ringo! ");

 Now click on the little 'Upload' arrow in the upper left corner.

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10. After a few moments, the text should say 'Done uploading'

Now the only thing left to do is to check if everything is working properly.

Click the magnifier icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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11. On a newly opened window, from a drop-down menu, select '115200 baud' 

That is the speed that the software writes in the Serial monitor.

If the text says the line that you wrote in the print function, then everything works!

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