Write something!

You can write any kind of short message on Spencer's matrix board.

We'll try that out right now. 

The goal is to write "ON" when you press the big red button and "OFF" when you release it. 

Let's first code what'll happen once you run the code. 

We want all of the LEDs on the matrix to turn off, and for that we need the "fill frame with 0" block. 

Then, we want to write "off", since the "on" message will not appear until you press the button. 

The writing block can be found within the "Matrix" block area. 

As you can see, the text we want to appear is "OFF", and we want the coordinates to be x: 0, and y: 1. The intensity level will be set to 100. 

As you already know, the matrix code will not function without the "push frame to matrix" section at the end. 

Now, let's check what actions we want the big red button to trigger.

You'll need the I/O block section's "when big button pressed" and "when big button released" blocks for this. 

You'll put whatever you want to happen when you press and release the big button inside these purple blocks. 

So, in both cases we want the matrix to turn off. 

When we press the button, the text "ON" appears, and when we release it, the text "OFF" appears. 

Both will have the coordinates x: 0 and y: 1, with an intensity of 100. 

Because we're working with buttons, we'll need to add the "scan buttons" and "loop forever" buttons at the end.

Now, click on the Run button, start playing with the button and check the text.