Record, mix, play!

Now that you know what each of the buttons is for, it is time to do some real job!

First, we'll walk you through the track mode!

For navigating through the track, you'll use the right encoder

While you're rotating the right encoder, you'll be able to see your position in the track on the LED matrix - the LEDs will change position while you are rotating the encoder depending on where you are currently in the track. 

random image

Press the right encoder to play all the samples on the current track position.

 the right encoder for a bit to clear the current track position.

While editing the track, you can place, remove or edit one of the samples in that particular track.

To do that, you'll use pushbuttons.

random image

For example, we wanted to place the sample from the fourth pushbutton onto the sample. We had to click on the fourth pushbutton while being in the track to do that. The LED on the fourth row of the track lit up, indicating that a sample is placed in that position.

Changing the sample in track mode

Simply double-click that particular button, and the sample will be removed from the track. 

Also, you can change the volume and the tempo of the track that is playing. 

For that, you'll use sliders!

If you want to adjust the volume, slide the right slider, and if you're going to change the tempo, slide the left one

On the side of the sliders, LEDs show you the volume and the tempo level.

If all of the LEDs are lighting up on the side of the right slider, that means your volume level is at its highest. The same goes for tempo!

random image

By clicking or rotating the left encoder, you can enter the save menu, where you'll be able to - save the beat you've made and sounds you've synthesized.

Once you're done with the track and want to play your mix, you'll have to enter the playback!

Hold the left encoder pressed for a few seconds to enter the playback!

While in the playback, rotate the right encoder to seek through your track. You can use the pushbuttons to disable or enable the playback of samples on that particular button.

Hold the left encoder pressed to exit the playback - as you did for entering the playback.