Robotica educativa de mexico success story

“Our students passed a 5-lesson course and had a great time building their game consoles and learning new concepts!”
Sergio Tejedasays

Robotica educativa de mexico

Kids loved the experience of building their own fully functional gaming device and opportunity to bring it home with them to continue exploring and learning!
Robotica educativa de México organizes educational activities that support specific STEM areas and encourage children to develop new skills and competences.
They organized an extensive 5-lesson course using MAKERbuino to teach their students the basics of electronics and coding.
Sergio Tejedasays said that their students had a great time building their own game consoles and learning many new concepts in the process.
Robotica educativa de México focuses on bringing STEM education to all children regardless of their age, gender, economic or social background and providing them with innovative and interactive learning experiences.

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