A1 Success Story

“Albert’s way of thinking and working fits in perfectly with the belief we have here in A1 Croatia; we think that the symbiosis of man and technology is a new form of life.

His DIY educational mobile phone Ringo actually enables a new form of learning, which is giving kids an opportunity to make their own mobile phone in a practical and interesting way”

Marija Jakeljić

Director of brand and marketing communications, A1

A1 Croatia was the first telecom company to recognize the importance of investing in young STEM talents and developing their skills.

They partnered with us to organize a fun Adventure game for parents and kids in Technical museum Zagreb.

The mission was to solve logic puzzles and find technological solutions in teams.

The best ones that completed all the tasks went home with brand new Ringos! Yay!

A1 Croatia – A new form of life and learning

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