Something extra for the US backers

Something extra for the US backers


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    We’ve started cooperating with Ting - a US mobile network provider.
    Thanks to that, all US backers will receive a free Ting SIM card in every MAKERphone’s box.

    We think that you’ll find this helpful as you won’t need to buy an extra SIM card for your MAKERphone.

    Oh, and you get a free $30 credit when you activate the card.

    Start your MAKERphone right
    Start your MAKERphone right

    Umm, excuse me? Why just for US backers?

    We’re trying to make agreements with network operators in other countries, and the US has simply been the fastest. 

    We’ll do our best to include a SIM card in every MAKERphone, but this is not as easy as it sounds since we need to reach out to a network operator in every country and sign an agreement with them.

    As soon as we get other deals, we’ll let you know :)



    Albert & the team