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Release date
Right now

Learn about:

Digital sound production, Digital-to-Analog conversion, what are sound waves and how digital sound samplers work


Release date
August 2022

Learn about:

The technology behind Tamagotchi, low-power elctronics, always-on devices, RTCs (real time clock)


Release date
November 2022

Learn about:

Wearable Technology, Machine Learning, Motion Detection, Bluetooth and Microcomputers


Release date
February 2023

Learn about:

Robotic arms, degrees of freedom, servo motors, industrial automation, digital motion control


Release date
May 2023

Learn about:

Sound processing, LED grid display, artificial intelligence, voice recognition & speech synthesis


Release date
August 2023

Learn about:

Digital-to-analog conversion, digital audio systems and their functions, soundwaves, how to code custom effects & lightshows


Release date
November 2023

Learn about:

Autonomous robot cars, electromotors & battery management circuits, sensors & camera calibration, object recognition


Release date
February 2024

Learn about:

Microcomputers & microprocesors, electronic components, how to simulate physics in a video game


Release date
May 2024

Learn about:

Wireless systems and LoRa, digital communication without the Internet, End-to-end encryption & decryption

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Learn about the technologies behind your DIY gadget

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Internet of Things

Autonomous Driving


Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning


What others say about us

The best way to encourage creativity for kids and adults! Level of difficulty goes up with each box, but it's all well written down and easy to follow so 10/10

Daniel Robert, Netherlands

We have recently started subscribing to circuitmess stem boxes to replace another known brand. The difference is night and day. Circuitmess provides fun projects for kids to enjoy. We have completed two projects and are looking forward to the next one. Albert and the team are always on hand to support and provide help if you need it. Well done team.

Daniel, Great Britain

Excellent kit for introducing children to electronics. It lets them understand that technology can be crafted and not only consumed.

Paul, Ireland

Perfect for kids, parents & experienced makers!

Girl building a STEM product

Start from the basics

Each box is designed and tested to get you from start to finish without too much hassle. Learn how to solder, code, build and tinker with CircuitMess.

Become the best there ever was

With our approach it only takes 3.5 STEM Boxes for kids to learn how to fix and build simple forms of hardware, handle electronics properly and learn the basics of coding.

Father and son enjoying their finished Ringo

Invent your own things

After going through our STEM Box subscription most of our customers go and build their own software and devices they enjoy using.

Drag and drop to code!

Our beginner–friendly coding interface will help you code your own apps and games.

Simply drag and drop colorful blocks to code and expand your device’s functionalities.

Why is STEM important

STEM education is a multi–discipline approach to teaching which combines the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemathics


of children lose interest if they aren’t engaged in STEM by the 5th grade


unfilled STEM jobs right now in California alone

2 million

vacant STEM jobs in US are projected by 2025

Less than 1%

of population knows how to make new technology or how it is made

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Here are our most asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

How does the subscription work?

You will get a new DIY STEM project every three months with the STEM box subscription.

To subscribe, choose how many boxes you want to prepay.

The more boxes you pay for right now, the lower the price per STEM box is.

If you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so anytime in your account.

Please note that you can cancel only the upcoming boxes you have not paid for yet.

If you do not cancel your subscription, your bank card will be billed quarterly, annually or every two years, depending on your subscription plan.

Can I skip a STEM Box?

You can not skip STEM boxes.

Where can I find additional information and learning materials?

You can find all build, code & usage guides on our learning platform CircuitMess Resources in the section Guides.

CircuitMess Community forum is a place for additional discussions and valuable tips and chat with our team and hundreds of users.

All other free additional resources (games, apps, schematics etc.) can be found in the Creations section.

Everything we do is open-sourced, and more information about all the products is available on our GitHub.

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can always reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to help!

Is this for beginners or experienced makers?


All our kits are completely tailored to beginners and no previous knowledge is needed to assemble them. Visit our online build guide library for a hassle-free experience.

If you’re already an experienced maker, you’ll find that our kits are completely customizable with endless tinkering and modification options in both hardware and software. To get inspired & share your creations, visit our Community forum or Discord server.

Where can I suggest an improvement

If you think you have something that would make any of our products better in any way, shoot us an email at or visit our Community forum.

We always accept suggestions and if your idea is a good one, you can expect some rewards!

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