How to Get Into Electronics as a Hobby?

How to Get Into Electronics as a Hobby?


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    We all know that hobbies are important, but starting a new hobby is not easy.

    In addition to the lack of time that all people suffer from, every beginning of something new often seems complex and unclear, no matter how cool it looks to us.

    Electronics seems like an enjoyable activity as a hobby to you, but you need to figure out where to start.

    Starting electronics as a hobby is easy.

    All you need is to spend many years in school, countless hours in courses, and invest a lot of money in expensive tools.

    We're just kidding!

    You can start immediately; you don't need a degree to try electronics.

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    And the fact that electronic kit requires a lot of financial investment is also false.

    You don't need a lot of fancy tools that you won't even use. 

    Only the proper useful tools matter.

    In this article, we will bring you closer to this hobby, but we also have a surprise for you. That's reason enough to stay until the end.

    Why Are Hobbies Important?

    How to Get Into Electronics as a Hobby

    Hobbies enrich our lives.

    They break our life's monotony by putting us in other, more exciting situations.

    Hobbies are primarily there for fun, but they can also be educational and become a source of additional income.

    Most importantly, they give us a sense of purpose when we are not at work and have free time.

    The worst thing is not to do anything in your free time; you should find some activity to improve that time.

    Everyday life brings a lot of stress.

    Stress at work, the constant hustle and bustle, and various problems affect our mental and physical health.

    Hobbies are a safe place where your mind can relax because you are doing something you love. 

    Through hobbies, your creativity comes to the forefront, and you acquire new skills that can help you in life.

    Who knows what potential is hidden in you? You just need to discover them.

    Why is Knowing Electronics Necessary?


    Every skill you have is valuable, but why electronics knowledge?

    Electronics make our life easier, smoother, and more vibrant.

    Look around you; electronics are everywhere.

    Everyone knows how to use a phone, but does everyone know how to fix it.

    The same applies to other devices.

    We are so dependent on technology and electronics that we are afraid to fix anything ourselves.

    Ok, many people take their devices to experts for a repair.

    But you know how these repairs can take a long time and cost a lot.

    However, many people throw devices away. 

    They don't even want to bother with repairs and buy new devices.

    And with minimal effort, they could repair and continue using the device as before.

    In this way, a significant amount of money can be saved.

    What Do You Need to Start Electronics as a Hobby?

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    You may feel like an intruder in this world of electronics, but there's no need to.

    First, you need to decide that you want it, and you shouldn't be afraid to make a mistake.

    Mistakes are part of learning, so there will undoubtedly be some, but that doesn't mean they should discourage you.

    Don't be afraid that you will get dirty and there will be a little mess.

    Mess is part of the creative process.

    As for the practical part, you don't need a vast space and expensive tools.

    Having only one table where you can work without interruption is enough.

    As for the tools, we emphasize again, buy only the basic ones for a start.

    You can easily upgrade your tool kit later.

    It is also a great decision to buy an all-in-one kit that contains everything necessary.

    What is necessary and what is best to start with is:

    • Soldering iron
    • Soldering station
    • Solder remover
    • Screwdriver set
    • Wire cutter
    • Wire stripper
    • Hot glue gun
    • PCB/Contact cleaners
    • Heat shrink tubing and paste
    • Drill
    • Bench wise
    • Magnifying glass
    • Multimeter
    • Variable power supply

    Another important tip is to start with simpler projects.

    Refrain from overloading yourself with complex projects.

    More straightforward projects can also be repairing a device you no longer use.

    If you fail, it won't be too bad, and you'll learn how to disassemble and assemble the device.

    So you have nothing to lose in that case.

    Is it Too Late to Start Electronics as a Hobby?


    It is never too late to start doing something you love.

    There is no age limit for fun, but also for new knowledge.

    You may agree with this, but you don't have enough time and don't know how to fit it into your busy schedule.

    Doing this hobby with your children would be a great idea.

    That way, you can spend quality time together and have fun and learn along the way.

    Children are full of imagination and creativity, unlike adults, who lose it over time.

    How is all this possible, you ask? Let's introduce you to our STEM Box.

    What is STEM Box 

    STEM Box is a programming kit for kids.

    And as its name suggests, it has everything for learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    But is it just for kids?

    Our product is aimed at the 11+ age group, which means that although it is primarily aimed at children, adults also love it.

    The STEM Box is just perfect for starting your hobby.

    It is even better to dive into the world of electronics together with the children.

    Teamwork makes dream work, you know that.

    Electronics, coding, artificial intelligence, microcomputers, it's all available in the STEM Box.

    All those difficult-sounding terms like coding and video engineering sound like they're only reserved for select experts, but they're not.

    Our product allows you and your children to do those things but in a fun way.

    How Does The STEM Box Subscription Work?

    We are glad you are interested and want our product to introduce you to the electronics world.

    You can choose a subscription plan here. The most popular is the one-year plan.

    Then you get a new and amazing project to work on every three months.

    Everything is explained to the smallest detail, and you can follow our video guides.

    You will get to know Sound synthesis and Sound production with Jay-D, video engineering and microcomputers with ByteBoi, and much more.

    As you can see, we have everything you need for a new and fun hobby that you can share with the kids.

    Choose your subscription plan and let the magic happen.