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  • 7 Kid-Friendly DIY Robots That Take Less Than a Day to Build

    Unlock your child's potential with the exciting world of robotics! Discover the 7 best DIY robotics kits for kids of all ages in 2023. From remote-controlled robot cars to AI-powered robots, these kits offer fun, learning, and hands-on creativity.

    Start your child's robotics adventure today!

  • CircuitMess vs. Competitors: What Sets us Apart?

    You're looking for the perfect STEM kit for your kids? Look no further! In this blog post, we've compared our STEM kits with some of the biggest STEM kit creators like - Mel Science, KiwiCo, and Creation Crate.

    Read our article and get all the info you need before deciding which STEM kit to choose for your budding engineers and scientists. 

  • 5 Essential STEM Skills for Middle Schoolers: Where & How to Learn Them

    Join us on a journey to ignite your middle schooler's STEM skills. This guide is your gateway to nurturing their creativity, sparking curiosity, and honing problem-solving abilities.

    Click on the button below and dive into actionable strategies that not only enhance critical thinking — but also foster teamwork and introduce the exciting realm of coding.

  • 10 Easiest Coding Languages For Kids: A Parent's Guide

    If you've been thinking about teaching your kids how to code - we wholeheartedly encourage you to do it. Teaching kids to code has never been easier, and there are numerous coding languages designed for your young ones to master the code. 

    The benefits of learning computer programming are massive - and it can often be fun for kids. 

    Read our list of the top 10 easiest coding languages and you'll get a good grasp on where and how to start. 

  • 10 Easy-to-Follow Engineering Activities for Kids

    You're looking for some easy engineering projects to introduce your kids to some cool scientific concepts? Say no more! 

    We've prepared a list of 10 extremely easy (and fun) engineering activities for kids - from working with electronics with our STEM kits to conquering the laws of physics with homemade pneumatic machines. We've got it all. 

    Check out the list and prepare your kids for the future with these simple and fun activities! 

  • DIY Birthday Gifts Any Kid Will Absolutely Love to Have (Our Top 10 Picks)

    You have a kids' birthday coming up and you're looking for a perfect gift? We've got you covered! In our latest blog post, we've picked our top 10 DIY gifts for kids of all ages.
  • 10 Best DIY Subscription Boxes For Kids to Encourage Their Creativity

    In our latest post, you'll explore the world of the best DIY subscription boxes for kids of all ages! From STEM boxes to craft subscriptions, discover our top picks for every interest and age.
  • How to Teach Your Kid Problem-Solving Skills Through Games and Activities

    Empower your kids to conquer life's hurdles with problem-solving prowess! In this blog post, we uncover engaging games, activities, and strategies that nurture their critical thinking skills. From puzzles to mazes, from Rubik's Cube to building towers, each challenge becomes a gateway to growth.

    Click on the image below and read how exactly can you help your kids sharpen their problem-solving skills!

  • 15 Cool Science Projects Your Kids Can Do at Home

    Step into a world of imagination and curiosity with our list of 15 easy science experiments kids can do at home. 

    From colorful lava lamps to mesmerizing magic milk, we'll help you prepare 15 coolest experiments that will make learning a thrilling adventure for your kids. These easy activities will help your kids develop new problem-solving and critical thinking skills - and they're simply fun to do. So, check our list and start experimenting today! 

  • 7 Strategies to Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time

    We all know it - too much screen time for kids is harmful. And the only way to avoid this harm is to reduce your kids' screen time. In this blog post, we dive into practical tips and strategies that can help you protect your kids from too much harmful screen time.

    Read the blog post and learn exactly what you can do, how to do it, and what kind of help CircuitMess can provide. 

  • The next STEM Box - Clockstar, a DIY smartwatch

    Hello everyone, We are happy to see that you received and successfully assembled your Armstrongs.We hope that you enjoyed the electronics challenge...
  • Update on Batmobile fulfillment, coding videos, and feedback request

    Hello everyone, As we approach the final stages of fulfilling Batmobile, we are happy to announce only a part of the more complicated orders are le...