Update on Batmobile fulfillment, coding videos, and feedback request

Hello everyone,

As we approach the final stages of fulfilling Batmobile, we are happy to announce only a part of the more complicated orders are left to be packed and shipped.

We are happy to see all the photos and videos you shared with us.

Enjoy these photos capturing the excitement of the deliveries (it seems as if it’s Christmas time):

To those of you who haven’t yet received their tracking information, we truly appreciate your patience.

Rest assured, all remaining orders will be shipped shortly.

Besides packing and shipping, we were busy with the coding part of this adventure.

As a result, we have produced a series of coding videos, which are currently in the process of editing.

You can check the introductory videos here:


If you have successfully built your Batmobile, let us know your feedback.
Share with us your thoughts, photos, and videos.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Albert & the Crew

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