Explore the chips

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1. LoRa module

LoRa is a wireless technology that offers long range, low-power, and secure data transmission.

2. Chip SE5120ST33-HF

This chip will make sure the energy from the batteries comes to the main board and run the Chatter.

3. FC5 connector

You'll use this connector to connect the display to the mainboard. 

4. Chip 74HC165

These chips will make sure you can write text messages and scroll through the menu using pushbuttons.

5. Chip CH340C

Thanks to this little guy, Chatter can communicate with your computer over USB! 


This chip allows Chatter to switch between Run Mode and programming mode!

Capacitors and resistors

The rest of the small components are called capacitors and resistors. These are the main parts of pretty much every electronic device in the world. They are used to control the flow of the current in a circle.

There are a few locations on the board where these components are located, mainly around the ESP-WROOM-32 module, the display, and the important chips.