Let's draw on the display!

Let's get down to business!

Before doing anything, you need to connect your Chatter to your computer's USB port and turn it on.

random image

If everything is okay, CircuitBlocks should say "Chatter connected".

Let's draw something!

We will kick things off as simply as possible.

The first thing we're going to learn is how to clear Chatter's display and draw on it!

You'll only need to use a Display block section to do that.

Firstly, drag and drop the "fill frame with black" block. 

We changed the background color to white, but you can choose any color you want. 

You can choose different colors by clicking on the word "black". 

Now, look for the block labeled "draw sprite ... x ... y"

We chose to draw the sword, but you can use any of the available sprites. 

Both coordinates are set to 50.

To guarantee that your code executes successfully, you must always include the "push frame" block at the end of the "Display" codes. 

Now, click the Run button and sword should appear on the Chatter's screen.