Explore the chips

Explore the chips

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1. Chip UMH3N 

This chip allows CircuitPet to switch between Run Mode and programming mode!

2. Chip CH340C

CircuitPet can communicate with your computer over USB, thanks to this little guy! 

3. Transistor S9015

This transistor is mainly designed for low-gain signal amplification. Normally when a low gain signal is amplified to high gain, then the noise with the signal is also get amplified, but this transistor possesses a low noise feature that filters the noise from the amplified signal, and hence you will get a low noise and high gain signal at the output.

4. BM8563EHA

This is a real-time clock. RTC is a battery-powered clock that is included in a microchip in a computer motherboard. A small memory on this microchip stores system description or setup values - including current time values stored by the real-time clock.  

5. Chip TP4054

This chip is what keeps your LiPo battery safely charged!

6. Chip SSP6206-28 NR

This chip is used as a voltage regulator.

7. Chip CN2626

This is a linear regulator used for supplying CircuitPet with power. Also, CN2626 adopts temperature regulation instead of over-temperature protection, which will regulate the output current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature.