Coding Ultimate pack modules - Breadboard

Hello and welcome to the guide in which we’ll explain how to code the breadboard from the Ultimate pack.

To code something easy and fun, we added some wires and put one LED in between them.

One wire should be connected to GND, and let’s put another to the P1_7 pin. That’s the port we’ll code. 

So, the first thing you have to do is connect the breadboard to the Batcontroller and connect the Batcontroller to the PC. 

Turn on the Batcontroller and let’s start.

Find this block in the Modules block section and drop it onto the drawing area. 

Since we said that we are coding the pin P1_7, let’s change this part.

Make sure to put it to “output”. 

Next, look for the “Loop forever” block and drop it below this one. 

Go back to the Modules block section and select the block labeled “set pin state to”. 

Put the pin to P1_7 and the state to ON

Below that, add the “sleep 500 ms” block.

Add another “set pin state to” block, but this time change it to OFF

Copy the “sleep 500 ms” block. 

And, that’s it! Great job.

Run the code and check if the LED is turning on and off.