Using external bitmaps and editing firmware

Using external bitmaps and editing firmware

When creating a more complex app, it's usually better to have bitmaps in a separate folder and just to load them whenever you need them.

That way you can fix your images on the go and don't have to waste a lot of time converting them to code back and forth.

A good example of that one is our Space Rocks game for Ringo. You can check its repository here.

Space Rocks repository on GitHub

You'll notice that besides the main files, Space Rocks has both Sounds and Sprites folders. 

Both of those folders have files that are being used in-game. 

Here is how the Sprites folder looks on the inside.

Sprites folder from the Space Rocks repository

You'll notice some bitmaps and .c files. That way you can use both functions that we've learned in the previous lesson. 

Checking out the SpaceRocks.ino file will help you understand this whole process much better, so make sure to check it out in detail if you wish to learn more.

First few lines of the SpaceRocks.ino file

Editing firmware (advanced)

If you're feeling reaaaally good and want to change some of the things in our original phone firmware, you can do so!

We always encourage new creations and personalizations, as long as you share them on our forum so that everyone else can use them too. :)

If you're unfamiliar with the process of building the firmware form source files, our most active forum members along with our staff have created a cool topic where you can find all the details, and fixes to potential problems, on how to download, build and upload your own version of Ringo firmware.

If you have any experience in doing these things, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to set everything up. 

However, if you've never encountered these things, you might have some more issues. We still encourage you to do so since you'll learn so much in the process.

Once you've done so, the file on which you'll be focusing the most is sprites.c.
We've already shown you how the file looks and how things work, so there's no doubt that you get the grip of things and personalize your phone in a matter of minutes!

If you get stuck, you can always hit us up on our community forum,
 where the whole community and our staff are eager to help you and explore further parts of this project.

Now - start making!