Frank, meet your maker!

Frank, meet your maker

Let's build your Frank!

Part one - Preparing the Acrylic Casings

Begin by removing the protective foil from the casings. 

These are all of the casings you should have: 

Peel both sides of the casings: 

Until your casings look transparent like this: 

Part two - Battery Holder Installation

Now is the time to take a battery holder. 

Take the battery holder, the casing shown in the photo below, two small spacers, and two flat-head screws.

Position the battery holder on the casing, ensuring the components are on the correct side.

Metal screws go through both the holder and the casing from inside the battery holder.

Turn it over and take the spacer. 

Fasten it with your fingers: 

Repeat the procedure for the second screw and spacer. 

Now, insert the three batteries into the battery holder, as reaching the holder later will require disassembling Frank.

Double-check the battery polarities before inserting them!

The batteries are marked with two symbols - plus (+) and minus (-), which represent the polarity of the battery. The plus (+) part has a little metal bulge at the end of it, while the minus (-) part has a little dent. This is really important since when inserting the batteries, you’ll have to be careful about which side goes where.  

Part three - Attaching the PCB

Now, we'll add Frank's main part - it's PCB

Take these components: 

To begin, take the electric motor and place it like this: 

Now, carefully position the PCB on the motor and battery holder (ensuring it's on the right side).

Insert two large plastic bolts through the motor to the other side, where the spacers will be placed to secure everything.

Repeat the procedure for the second bolt. 

Connect the wires from the battery and motor to the correct connectors on the PCB, as indicated by the symbols near each connector.

Frank should look like this by now: 

Part four - Stickers

Let's have some fun decorating Frank! You received stickers with your kit, and now is the time to apply them to the casings to give Frank a cooler look.

Take the following parts: 

Place the eyes on the designated small part.

Put the other two stickers on the pieces that will become Frank's legs.

Part five- Assembling Frank's Body

It's time to put Frank's head in place.

Carefully expand the casings slightly to fit the head, but be gentle to avoid any damage.

Frank is getting its final look: 

Assembling the legs: You'll need four small oval-shaped casings, four medium bolts, and four large spacers.

Combine one casing with a circle-shaped hole and one with an oval-shaped hole.

Insert the bolt with its head on the side of the casing with the oval-shaped hole.

Place the spacer on the other side of the bolt, where the circle-shaped hole is.

This should be the final result: 

It was important to pay attention to where the oval and circle-shaped holes were since the oval-shaped ones would go on the side of the electric motor.

Like this: 

Insert the round-head screw into the circle-shaped hole to attach this part to Frank. Use a screwdriver to fasten it securely.

Attach the other part on the other side of the motor, following the same process.

Finally, take Frank's legs and the remaining spacers.

Place one of the legs as shown and secure it with the spacers using your fingers.

Repeat the process for the second leg, ensuring it is in the same position as the first one.


Good job!

You successfully assembled your Frank. 

Turn it on and let it move around.