Explore the chips

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1. Chip IS31FL3731

This chip called IS31FL3731 drives the LED lights - all 144 of them!
Later, when you turn on your Jay-D and start remixing, you'll also be able to change the LED animations that are controlled by this chip.

2. Nuvoton N76E616

Nuvoton N76E616 is a real star here. This chip controls all the inputs coming from the encoders, sliders, and the rest of the buttons. It is also directly connected to the ESP-WROOM-32 microcontroller that turns all the inputs into fun outputs that bring Jay-D to life.

3. Chip CP2014

Chip CP2014 is important because it enables you to connect to the computer. It's also used as a USB-TTL converter.

4. Small chip supporting the CP2014

Thanks to this little guy, the chip CP2014 can run without resetting each time Jay-D's connected to the computer.

5. Chip TFA9882UK

This chip is Jay-D's sound amplifier. It's located right next to the ESP-WROOM-32 microcontroller and speaker connectors on top of the board.

6. & 7. Voltage regulators

There are two voltage regulators right above the chips IS31FL3731 and CP2014.
  • The big one - 3.3V
  • The smaller one - 1.8

8. Capacitors and resistors

These small components are the main parts of pretty much every electronic device in the world. They are used to control the flow of the current in a circle.

There are a few locations on the board where these components are located, mainly around the ESP-WROOM-32 module and the display.