Uploading code with Arduino

Installation and setup

Welcome to the Nibble Arduino setup guide!

We'll use Arduino IDE to teach you how to upload code to your Nibble, so let's get started.


Before starting make sure to download and install Arduino IDE. You can do that right here

After you download and install Arduino IDE, you should install the Nibble board.

Here's how to do that:
  1. Open the Arduino IDE
  2. Go to File -> Preferences
  3. Under Additional board Manager URLs add the following URL:
  4. Close the preferences by clicking OK
  5. Open the Board Manager under Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager
  6. Type 'CircuitMess' in the search bar
  7. Click the Install button on the CircuitMess ESP8266 Boards package

random image

Then go to Tools -> Board, and select Nibble from the dropdown menu.

random image

After downloading the .zip file from Github, extract it to your Arduino libraries folder. Create the folder if it doesn’t exist already.

On Windows and Mac devices, it is located in Documents/Arduino/libraries/, on Linux devices it’s in /home/{user}/Arduino/libraries/