Planck, meet your maker!

Planck, meet your maker!

Let's build your Planck!

Part one - Acrylic casings

Begin by removing the protective foil from the casings. 

This is what your casings should look like at the beginning: 

The casings are initially connected together in large plates; carefully separate them to obtain seven individual casings.

These are the casings you should have at the end: 

You can now begin peeling off the protective foil. 

Peel both sides of the casings: 

Until your casings look transparent like this: 

Part two - Installing the Battery Holder

You'll need the following parts for the second part of the assembly: 

Place the battery holder on top of the casing with precision and make sure those holes are perfectly aligned.

Put the metal screw through the battery holder, and then fasten the spacer to the back side of the holder as shown: 

Repeat the process for the second screw and spacer until the holder looks like this:

Part three - Connecting the Electric Motor

We'll now attach the battery holder and electric motor using the acrylic casings.

Take these components: 

Place a casing on top of the motor, following the photo below.

Repeat the same process with the second casing.

This will go on top of the battery holder: 

Note: You may need to apply some force, but everything will fit into place securely.

Part four - Attaching the PCB

Now, let's connect the PCB to the battery holder and electric motor.

You can see that the board is marked with the location where the battery holder and the motor should be connected. 


Part five - Adding Stickers for a Funky Look

Give Planck a unique appearance with cool stickers!

This is what the final result should look like: 

Part six - Assembling the Chassis

It's time to build Planck's chassis and turn it into a real car.

Take two large bolts, two spacers, and the PCB. 

Insert the bolts through the motor and casings as shown.

Secure the bolts with spacers on the opposite side.

First one done!

Repeat the process for the second bolt and spacer.

Next, insert two smaller bars into the motor.

Assemble the side parts of Planck with the components provided.

Insert the bolt through the casing and fasten it with a small spacer.

Add one of the large spacers on top.

Repeat the process for the second bolt.

Now, attach the larger bar and one of the wheels.

Place the wheels on the backside and slide the bar from the inside.

Add the main part with the PCB and motor.

Attach the second wheel at the front.

Complete the assembly by adding the second side casing.

Take the two remaining bolts and fasten them: 

If you haven't already, add the casing to the back and place all the batteries in the holder.

Finally, put on Planck's top casing, and it's ready to start driving around!

Congratulations! You've successfully assembled your very own Planck!

Turn it on and let it drive around!

If your Planck has some issues with driving, check the electromotor it has. 

Some motors include this plastic piece, which must be moved slightly so that your Planck does not get stuck to the floor.