Robby, meet your maker

Let's build your Robby!

Part one - Acrylic casings

Begin by removing the protective foil from the casings. 

This is what your casings should look like at the beginning: 

Peel the both sides of the casings: 

Until your casings look transparent like this: 

Part two - Battery holder

It's time to take a battery holder and attach it to the PCB.

You'll need these parts for that: 

So, PCB, two small spacers, two metal screws, and the battery holder

Take the battery holder and the metal screws. 

Attach the battery holder to the PCB like this: 

Also, place the spacers in front to keep the battery holder from falling off. 

Connect the battery holder to the connector on top of Robby's head like this:

Take the batteries and put them in: 

Make sure to check the polarities of the batteries!

The batteries are marked with two symbols - plus (+) and minus (-), which represent the polarity of the battery. The plus (+) part has a little metal bulge at the end of it, while the minus (-) part has a little dent. This is really important since when inserting the batteries you’ll have to be careful about which side goes where.  

Part three - Case up

Take one of the casings, three longer bolts, and three small spacers.

Put the bolt through the casing like this: 

Take the spacer, and fasten the bolt with your fingers. 

This is what one of your casings should look like: 

We'll repeat the process for the second casing, but with the long spacers

These are the parts you'll need: 

Put the bolt through the casing and fasten it with the spacer: 

Let's connect everything now. 

Make sure the casing with the smaller spacers is in front, and the one with the longer spacers is in the back. 

You couldn't case up your Robby otherwise. 

Use the screwdriver to attach the two casings and ensure that nothing falls off. 


You successfully assembled Robby!

This is what it should look like at the end: 

Turn it on, shake him up and light up the room!