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1. Chip CH340C

Synthia can communicate with your computer over USB, thanks to this little guy! 

2. Chip IS31FL3731 

This chip called IS31FL3731 drives the LED lights!
Later, when you turn on your Synthia and start playing music, you'll also be able to see LEDs lightning up that are controlled by this chip.

3. Chip 74HC164D

This chip is a shift register used as an LED driver.

4. 47uF capacitors

Capacitors are widely used in switched-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and power supplies. This capacitor has a long life, low leakage current, and wide operating range.

5. Chip 74HC165D

These chips will make sure you can use the pushbuttons and play music with them.

6. MAX 98357AEWL+T chip

This is an audio amplifier, and it reproduces input audio signals at sound-producing output elements with desired volume and power levels.

7. Chip CN2626

This is a linear regulator used for supplying Synthia with power. Also, CN2626 adopts temperature regulation instead of over-temperature protection, which will regulate the output current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature.

8. LY68L6400 RAM chip

This chip is called LY68L6400SLIT, and it handles any extra-quick tasks that the main process, ESP-WROOM-32, needs to be done!

Capacitors and resistors

These small components are the main parts of pretty much every electronic device in the world. They are used to control the flow of the current in a circle.
There are a few locations on the board where these components are located, mainly around the ESP-WROOM-32 module.