Meet the tools

In this chapter, we'll explain what tools you'll need to assemble your Synthia.

If you have your CircuitMess Tools pack in front of you, you should be all set!

In case you got the Synthia kit without the Tools pack, this is a good time to borrow some of the tools or purchase them.

The tools required are essential whenever you assemble, fix, or modify electronic devices and are the tools of the trade for every maker/hardware hacker/modder/electrician.

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1. Soldering iron
2. Desoldering vacuum tool (solder sucker)
3. Soldering iron stand
4. A small reel of rosin-cored solder
5. Cleaning sponge
6. Phillps screwdriver
7. Needle-nose pliers

Soldering iron

This is the most important tool in a maker’s arsenal.

For Synthia's assembly, any entry-level soldering iron will suffice.

If you plan to dive into the world of DIY projects, you should consider getting a more expensive one with more features. Many soldering irons with interchangeable tips can be particularly useful when working with much smaller components.

In the next chapter, you'll find the instructions on how to properly solder and take care of your soldering iron.

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Soldering sponge

This small piece doesn't seem like much until you soak it in some water. It then turns into a super solder-cleaning sponge! Use it after soldering a couple of joints to remove the excess solder from the tip of your iron. Make sure that the sponge isn't dripping wet or bone dry - it should be damp.

Diagonal cutter pliers

With pliers like these, you’ll be able to trim the legs of soldered components and cut wires!

We prefer this type shown in the picture (Plato, model 170), but any other type will do.

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Needle-nose pliers

You’re going to need pliers like these when assembling the casing or when plugging in some tricky connectors!

They’re generally helpful when doing some fine mechanical work.

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Standard cross screwdriver

You’ll need this cross (Phillips) screwdriver to assemble the casing.

A standard 2.0mm cross screwdriver should do the trick.

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Desoldering vacuum tool (solder sucker)

This tool is useful when cleaning up soldering mistakes, but it isn’t necessary for assembly.

If you plan on doing some hacking, modding, or hardware repairs in the future, having this is always a good idea.

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