Find your way around...

If you are reading this guide, you successfully assembled Synthia! Congrats!

Here, you'll learn what you can do with it, record your own sound or voice, mix it, and save everything in different samples. 

One of the coolest things about Synthia is that everything you need to know to start playing with it is written on its backside. 

We decided to use the PCB, and write the short instructions on it, so you don't have to open this guide all the time, but you can just turn Synthia around and remember what every button is for!

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Let's check the encoders!

In this chapter, we won't guide you through every specific action all the buttons, sliders, and encoders can do. We'll just mention the basics!

Let's kick off with the encoders!

With the left one, you'll be able to save your tracks and sounds in one of four available slots, and you'll use it while deciding which preloaded sound you want to edit. With the right one, you will navigate the track, enter and exit the
of your track, and select the effect on the sample you're editing.

Clicking both of the encoders simultaneously will restart the hardware test!

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Now is the slider's time!

Here, we have two of them as well - the left and the right one. 

With the right slider, you'll be able to change the volume and effect intensity of the sample you're editing, while with the left one, you can change the speed of the sample and track tempo.

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Aaaand, the pushbuttons!

There are five pushbuttons, and they all basically do the same thing.

Each of them has its own sound, but it is very easy to use them - if you learn what one of them can do, you have learned what all of them are for.

They are used for:
  • placing samples onto the track
  • removing samples from the track
  • editing sample slots
  • enabling or disabling track channels
  • exiting the save menu
  • recording your sounds + copying it into the current slot

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You learned what each part of Synthia does! Now you are ready to use it!