Editing the sample slot

If you want to edit the sample slot, you'll need to know a few things!

To enter the sample edit mode, hold the button for the slot you want to edit.
If you want to edit the sound on the third button, simply hold that button for a second. Synthia will enter the sample edit mode, and the LED below the slot you're editing will light up yellow.

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While editing a slot, you can choose which preloaded sample will be played when that button is pushed, as well as change the intensity of all the effects applied to the sound.

Use the left encoder to change the sample playing on that slot. You will immediately hear the sound of that sample, and the LED matrix will show a visual representation of the instrument that makes that sound.

Synthia comes preloaded with five sounds you can select.
 The last option when rotating the left encoder is used to record your own samples - more on that in the next chapter!

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Rotate the right encoder to select the effect you wish to change, and then move the right slider to change the intensity of that effect. You can also use the left slider to change the pitch of the sample.

Press the button for the slot you're editing any time to hear how the sample sounds. You can also press any of the other buttons to play those samples too.

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Note that there are five preloaded sounds and five effects. 

Let's go over the effects:
  1. Volume - self-explanatory - change the volume of the sample 
  2. Bit crusher - the small robot effect will reduce the resolution or bandwidth of digital audio data making it sound like a robot
  3. Circles - adds echo to the sound
  4. High pass filter - focuses on the high frequencies like vocals and reduces the bass
  5. Low pass filter - focuses on the lower frequencies making the tone deeper with more bass