Recording time!

Now is the time for probably the most exciting part of this guide, and that is - recording!

To record your own sample
, you have to enter the slot editing mode and use the left encoder to select the last sample (that's the recording one).

Once we are in the recording mode, the little LED under the slot you're editing should light up red to let you know that you are recording. Just like in the movies, right?

random image

To record press and hold the button you're currently editing. The moment you press the button, Synthia will start recording until you let go of the button, with a maxium of one second.

After you're done recording, Synthia will need to process and save the recording, which might take a second or two. You may think that Synthia is blocked, but don't worry; it's just working on the recording.

While in recording mode and one of the LEDs under the pushbuttons emits blue light, that means you have something recorded on that slot.

You can press any of the blue indicated buttons to copy the recording from that slot into the one you're currently editing.