Jay-D – Build & code your own DJ mixtable

With Jay-D, you’ll learn how microcomputers and other electronic components are used for sound production and get a bit closer to becoming a DJ superstar.

Our mini mixtable has almost all the basic functions a professional has, such as:

  • Two simultaneous playback slots
  • BPM control
  •  Different sound equalizers and effects (currently, we’ve implemented three different effects)
  •  A display that allows you to list through your song library and put songs in the queue
  •  A Class-D amplifier, and two 5W speakers implemented for DeeJaying on the go!
  •  144 individually-controllable LEDs on board – for the bling-bling, of course!
What you’ll get:

  1.  Main circuit board – connects all the chips together
  2.  Display board – 128*160 TFT color display
  3. Acrylic casing
  4.  A bag of other small components such as resistors, pushbuttons, nuts and bolts
  5. Two 5W speakers
  6.  Custom-made plastic knobs
  7.  USB-C cable for charging and programming the device
  8.  4GB Micro SD card with a bunch of royalty-free beats preloaded
  9.  An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption

What you’ll learn:

  • What components are needed for digital sound production 
  • What are the sound waves and how can they be produced using computers and various electronic components
  • What is a DAC and how it can be controlled for simultaneous playback of multiple sound files
  • How a DJ mixtable works
  • How to code custom light shows for your Jay-D mixtable
  • How to code a custom sound effect into your Jay-D turntable

What you can do with it:

  • Play multiple music files simultaneously, fade between them, control the BPM of the songs being played (pretend that you’re a DJ)
  • Pursue a career in the world of EDM music (Tip: start by opening a SoundCloud account)
  • Add various equalizers to the songs that are being played
  • Load new songs on the included SD card so that you don’t have to jam with the included royalty-free music
  • Design a custom light show for the onboard LEDs
  • Code new apps and functions for the implemented microcontroller and make use of the implemented Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface
  • Be cool

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