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From Rick's lab to your home

- program your own functionalities for the Butter Bot

Don't want your robot to just pass the butter? Welcome to the club, pal.

This robot comes with some pretty cool starter functionalities which you can broaden to your liking. All you need to do is go through our easy-peasy lessons, learn to code, connect your robot to a computer, and upgrade it.
Wubba Lubba dub-dub!

Integrated camera for movement, object, and people detection, enabling interactions

No portal gun needed, the robot comes with a dedicated controller

Channel your inner Rick and code custom functions for your robot

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Don't feel like coding, broh?

No problem, the Butter Bot comes loaded with awesome pre-installed features:

Butter Bot

Two electromotors for moving around and another two for its arms, making it agile and ready to interact

With its integrated camera, this bot can scan and interact with its environment, recognizing objects and people

The remote controller comes with a built-in screen, letting you view and control your robot's adventures and switch features on the fly

Give Home to the Butter bot

Don't leave the Butter Bot disappointed with the sole purpose of passing the butter

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Limited quantity

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