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Meet Dusty

Dusty is a Wacky Robot with a flair for light. He may be small, but don’t underestimate his might!

With his ability to follow the shine, Dusty loves to groove from left to right.

Lighting the way

Dusty moves by following light using photoresistors. These decrease resistance and allow more current flow.

With two photoresistors, Dusty detects the light direction and moves accordingly. This simple system gives Dusty agility and grace, ready to conquer the world with a bit of soldering.

Easy–To–Follow Instructions

Follow the guides and
assemble your Dusty

Find out how transistors
and photoresistors work

Learn how to solder
electronic components

Take Dusty for a walk and
have some fun following
the light

What will you learn about

Transistor Icon


Soldering Tool Icon

Soldering & hardware assembly

Photoresistor Icon

Photoresistors & their sensitivity

What’s in the box

  1. 1LEDs
  2. 2Photoresistors
  3. 3Resistors
  4. 4Potentiometers
  5. 5Transistors
  6. 6Motors
  7. 7Plexiglass parts
  8. 8Nylon and metal bolts, nylon spacers
  9. 9Connectors
  10. 10Switch
  11. 11Battery holder
  12. 12Batteries
  13. 13Printed circuit board
  14. 14Wires
Dusty Box Content

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"My 9 year old daughter is loving this. Super easy and fun to build."

Joshua B., Father
Joshua B.
5 stars iconFather, Canada

"My daughter feels so confident soldering and connecting circuits"

"My daughter looks forward to each project and has enjoyed every hour of her builds. She has used her brains and hands, made mistakes and fixed them, and now feels so confident soldering and connecting circuits. Even liked the after care when we needed additional pieces."

Kevin H., Father
Kevin H.
5 stars iconFather, England

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