STEM Educators success story | Kanfanar

How the Kanfanar Innovators Association
Gave Kids Their First Electronics Experience

“The Kanfanar-Rovinj Innovation Society has been operating in Kanfanar since 1976.

The organization currently has 17 active members who participate in various technological exhibitions where they regularly receive various acknowledgments and medals.

We’re particularly proud of our work with children in 1990s, when we’ve won numerous gold medals on events specialized in radio-engineering and innovation.”

David Meden, Marčelo Marić, Zoran Černja

Instructors, Kanfanar Innovators Association

What are the kids’ impressions? Do they like the idea of a DIY game console?

Impressions are fantastic! And not just the kids, the mentors love the idea too!

For the first time, these kids met technology in a different way, as they did not get a ready-to-use device made only for consuming the content, but rather they had to assemble the device before they could use it.

And us (mentors) have been watching the kids with a smile on our faces while remembering our first soldering experience.

What knowledge did the kids acquire that they did not have before?

Besides the basics of soldering and electronics, they gained the ability to recognize basic electronic components.

Also, we expanded on MAKERbuino with a small lecture about printed circuit board manufacturing and designing, which was an excellent addition to the soldering workshop!

Do you think that kits like MAKERbuino should have a place in formal education?

Absolutely, and that was the point of this workshop – to bring back some real practical education back to our small primary school in the city of Kanfanar.

Back in the 80’s when I attended elementary school in Kanfanar, I was fortunate enough to have a great professor who was in love with technology – Marčel Marić.

Since then, education and technology has changed greatly, but it seems to me that this is still a common practice in our schools, as there is nothing systematic and everything depends on individuals.

I think it’s time for that to change as all children deserve this opportunity.

What is your favorite aspect of MAKERbuino?

MAKERbuino is special as it differentiates itself by starting from the beginning – you have to do some real soldering and this is something rarely seen in today’s educational toys.

Upon finishing the kit, there is this additional feeling of satisfaction that you have created hardware that you can work upon later.

Would you organize another MAKERbuino workshop?

Of course! We plan to expand our workshops to other schools in the region and how can you stop after the students tell you – “It’s great for us, we can hardly wait for the next workshop!”

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