6 Ways to Improve Your Child's Focus and Concentration

6 Ways to Improve Your Child's Focus and Concentration


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    How many times as a parent have you thought, "my child is smart but can't focus?" Probably too many times, right?

    Despite the fact that every parent likes to praise their child even when something is not going well for the child, you are probably right.

    The lack of focus and concentration is highly pronounced in children and can cause the child to struggle in school or with everyday tasks.

    How can you help your child improve focus and concentration? There are various methods for this, but the most important is establishing a routine, limiting all distractions, and carefully planning and approaching tasks.

    We like to add another often overlooked factor, which is to make tasks as fun as possible for the child.

    Focus and concentration are trained and can be improved over time.

    Especially with children because they are still in the early stages of mental development, and it is best to lay the foundations for better focus right now.

    In this article, you will find out how to improve your child's focus and concentration and how DIY STEM kits can help you with that.

    6 Proven Ways to Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate

    Lack of concentration, absence of routine, and short attention span cause many problems when a child starts attending school, doing homework, and doing other everyday activities.

    You can prevent it in these ways:

    1. Establish a Routine

    Although children seem to us as if they do not want a routine and love total chaos, this is not true. It is only accurate that no child will tell you that they like routine because they do not understand the importance of it.

    Children thrive on routine and structure, so establishing a clear schedule can help them with everyday tasks.

    Establishing a routine when the child gets up, eats, does homework, and sleeps helps him acquire habits that will follow throughout his life.

    One good tip in terms of routine is to do homework as early as possible when the child returns from school.

    This is because when the child comes home, many activities can completely distract him from the school material, and time flies quickly in games and fun.

    That is why it is best for the child to do his homework first, with full focus, and then to play and rest.

    2. Make a Plan for How Your Child Will Approach The Tasks

    Similar to establishing a routine, a plan is also needed for how the child approaches all these obligations in the best way. You're here to help him with that.

    It is best to divide larger tasks into smaller ones because the child mustn't be overwhelmed.

    An overwhelmed child will find concentrating difficult and may even lose motivation completely.

    It is also essential that the child does one thing at a time to be sufficiently focused and concentrated.

    Multitasking is absolutely unnecessary, especially when it comes to a child, because it does not allow focus on one thing.

    Also, don't forget the importance of short breaks so the child can rest and regain focus. A child needs short breaks every hour to move around, stretch, or relax their mind.

    3. Reduce Distractions

    Let's face it, today's generations live in a world with the most distractions from everywhere. There are gadgets all around us that are fighting for our attention.

    Yes, we mean smartphones, video games, and all the other fun things that can quickly become distracting.

    You often wonder if your child is addicted to the phone or if he spends too much time in front of the screen playing video games.

    And it's hard for you to keep your attention with all those notifications coming from everywhere. You have to understand that it is difficult for your child to concentrate because too many things distract him.

    That is why it is necessary to reduce all distractions when your child needs to be concentrated on a specific task.

    Encourage your child to study in a quiet, organized space, free of distractions such as smartphones, television, and noise.

    4. Don't Forget About The Importance of Quality Sleep and Healthy Nutrition

    Sleep is essential for everyone, especially for children still developing mentally and physically.

    A child would not focus well the next day if he stayed up late the night before playing video games on the phone.

    Also, does your child eat a lot of foods full of refined sugar? Some go so far as to say that kids and sugar are a recipe for disaster.

    We are not saying that a child should never eat sweets. Still, mood swings and a lack of focus amid excessive hyperactivity in a child are possible if his diet is primarily based on foods full of simple carbohydrates.

    5. Encourage Your Child's Interests and Hobbies

    What are your child's hobbies and interests? Are you familiar with them at all? We hope you are because a child needs a parent to be curious about his interests.

    Even if the child does not clearly tell you his interests, you should follow the signs that indicate that he is good at something and that it makes him happy.

    And why is that important for better focus? Logically, a child will be more focused if he is doing something that interests him.

    That's why it's always good to present tasks to your child in ways you know will be interesting.

    And a child who knows that he is supported in what he enjoys will find it easier to do the things he likes less.

    6. Set a Good Example For Your Child

    Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.

    You are the first role model from whom your child should learn basic behavior patterns.

    If you don't apply any of the above, don't expect your child to either.

    Don't expect your child to have focus if you don't have a routine, eat unhealthy food, sleep little, and constantly multitask.

    How Can STEM Kits for Kids Help Your Child to Improve Focus and Concentration?

    You must have heard about STEM and how STEM education is excellent for kids. 

    We are CircuitMess, and we believe that STEM kits improve children's focus and concentration. Here's how:

    STEM kits are fun for kids

    If something isn't fun, the kids won't be too excited about it. Children will be most focused on what is fun. With our DIY STEM kits, learning becomes fun.

    STEM kits are fully interactive

    Children are naturally curious, enjoy figuring things out, and learn best when doing something with their hands. Hands-on learning is a highly effective way of learning and helping kids to focus better.

    STEM kits encourage creativity

    Imagination and creativity are what drive every child. And such DIY projects only encourage the development of children's imagination and creativity. Children can express their creativity in a focused and productive way.

    STEM kits provide confidence building

    The motivation for better focus is that sweet sense of satisfaction and accomplishment kids feel when they finish a DIY project they have been working on for a long time.

    How Can Our Products Help Your Child Concentrate Better?

    Our products are carefully crafted to involve children in the whole process of putting together a project before actually using it.

    Why don't we send already assembled projects?

    Because the point is for the child to assemble the project from scratch. Through that assembly process, children first learn problem-solving skills, patience, and an important life lesson that everything doesn't always come ready to use, but sometimes we have to make an effort to put it together.

    The products come with detailed instructions to follow, and of course, you can also get involved if the child needs help because our products love teamwork.

    All our products work according to the system in that the child learns specific skills while putting together the project, and later, while using it, a child learns new skills.

    We will take, for example, our Wheelson and ByteBoi, our pride and joy. They represent the RC Bundle STEM kit.

    While assembling them, children learn about soldering and electronic components.

    And when they use them, the possibilities are enormous because the children use coding skills to animate characters and simulate physics in a video game and how to connect ByteBoi with Wheelson.

    Each of our products is designed to encourage specific skills, but the most important thing is that the child acquires essential life skills that he needs in everyday life. There is, of course, focus and concentration.

    Check out our gift shop and find the perfect project that your child will enjoy.

    Wacky Robots for ages 9+ and STEM Box for ages 11+ are STEM kits that include a subscription so that a new product arrives every month for your child.


    When one project is put together and perfected, a new one arrives. Great!

    STEM is an excellent choice for improving focus and concentration, and our products are just a great choice for your child. Try it, and you'll see!