A new machine is here - 180kg of pure goodness

Hey everyone,

Recently, we've received this oddly looking machine in our HQ: 

This is called the semi-automatic stencil printer.


This machine is a part of a PCB assembly production line. 

The production line that we are setting up is going to allow us to assemble the small components on the PCBs ourselves (we are currently outsourcing this to another company).


This particular machine dispenses solder paste onto a PCB using pneumatics and a steel stencil (a metal plate with etched-through holes).


Unfortunately, we won't use this machine for assembling Spencer's PCBs, but we plan to assemble STEM Box #2 (Jay-D) with our own setup in-house, and that is going to be exciting! 

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Albert and the team 

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