7 Best Math Learning Apps For Kids (2024 Edition)

7 Best Math Learning Apps For Kids (2024 Edition)


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    Who says math can't be a blast?

    Gone are the days of dull worksheets and monotonous drills. Enter the world of vibrant math apps that turn learning into an adventure your kids will love.

    This year, we've handpicked seven standout apps that are making waves in the world of education.

    Whether your kid is a math wizard or just starting to grasp the basics, there’s a perfect app here to level up their skills.

    Math learning apps for kids are incredibly fun

    Why math learning apps are beneficial for kids?

    Today's digital playground includes math learning apps that are reshaping how our kids learn numbers.

    These apps turn early math concepts into fun, interactive games, making learning less of a chore and more of an exciting challenge.

    According to GoodPlayGuide, these apps stand out because they engage kids actively, unlike traditional methods that might not capture their attention for long.

    By turning math lessons into games, apps help children understand and build their math skills through playful experiences.

    According to the Journal of Educational Psychology, using educational apps is beneficial for children as it provides instant feedback, which is crucial for effective learning.

    This helps them learn from mistakes right away and improve their number sense quickly, which is essential for understanding more complex math later on.

    Educational apps are beneficial for kids

    A study from the British Educational Research Journal adds that the best math learning app for kids mixes learning with playful elements.

    This mix helps deepen their understanding and makes them want to learn more because they're having fun while doing it​.

    In short, other math apps might offer practice, but the best ones are those that make learning a delightfully interactive experience.

    Kids love interactive educational apps

    They not only support traditional education but also prepare kids for a digital world, all while making math fun and accessible from an early age.

    The advantages of teaching kids math through games

    Integrating games into math education isn't just about making learning fun; it's a strategic approach that can significantly improve children's mathematical abilities.

    Here's why using games in math education can be so beneficial:

    Firstly, gamification in education, as discussed on Typeset, introduces a layer of motivation that traditional methods might lack.

    By incorporating game elements, students feel more engaged and are more likely to participate actively in their learning process.

    Games often include levels and rewards, which provide a sense of achievement and encourage learners to set and reach new goals.

    According to Curriculum Associates, using games in the modern classroom drastically increases motivation and enthusiasm for math.

    Kids are motivated by games in classrooms

    When motivated
    , students are likely to put more effort into learning and practicing new skills, leading to better retention and understanding of math concepts​.

    Moreover, a paper hosted by Harvard highlights that games can also promote a positive attitude towards mathematics. They reduce the anxiety that many students feel when dealing with difficult subjects.

    This positive emotional connection can transform a student's approach to learning, making them more open to tackling challenging problems.

    To simplify, teaching kids math with games taps into their natural love for fun and play.

    This way, math doesn't just feel like learning—it becomes a fun and engaging adventure. It makes math more appealing, boosts their motivation, and helps them get really good at it

    Top 7 math learning apps for kids in 2024

    Let's jump right into our top picks for 2024, where each app brings math to life with fun puzzles, challenges, and interactive lessons.

    App #1: DoodleMaths

    Meet DoodleMaths, the app that adapts itself to your kid’s unique learning style!

    Aimed at youngsters from 4 to 14 years old, DoodleMaths turns everyday math into a fun, engaging adventure created just for them.

    DoodleMaths learning app for kids
    Image source: Doodle Learning

    How does it work?

    DoodleMaths learns what your child knows and where they need some help, then creates a personalized 'Work Program' that keeps them engaged and learning at the right pace.

    Basically, it's like having a little math coach in your pocket!

    As they solve interactive problems and play educational games, they’ll gain confidence and proficiency in math without even realizing they’re learning.

    Perfect for supporting schoolwork or for extra practice at home, DoodleMaths makes math fun and accessible, one problem at a time.


    Starting from $10.99 (single child subscription)


    4 - 14

    Unique for:

    It personalizes math exercises to a child's ability, allowing them to progress at their own pace and build confidence along with their math skills.


    Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store

    App #2: Khan Academy

    Ever wished there was a free, world-class tutor for your child’s math journey?

    Enter Khan Academy, a favorite for students across the globe.

    What’s the scoop with Khan Academy?

    It’s an educational powerhouse offering a vast range of math topics from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus—all at no cost.

    Why do kids (and parents) love it?

    Khan Academy provides interactive exercises and instructional videos that make learning math feel like a one-on-one session with a great teacher.

    It tracks progress and students can learn at their own pace, which means they can master new concepts before moving on.

    Khan Academy learning app for kids
    Image source: Clever

    Plus, it's not just for homework help; it's a full-fledged learning tool that supports your child’s math education every step of the way. 

    Ideal for brushing up on skills or diving deep into new math challenges, Khan Academy makes learning accessible and engaging.

    And here’s the fun part: Khan Academy isn’t just about math practice; it’s filled with math games that reinforce early skills in a playful environment, turning those tricky math drills into a game your kids will want to play again and again!

    Price: Free (offers optional donations to support the platform)

    Age: All ages

    Unique for: Offers a broad range of topics, including science and humanities, through easy-to-understand videos and interactive exercises.

    Available: Via its website (khanacademy.org) and on the Apple App Store and Google Play

    App #3: Prodigy Math

    Need a math app that feels more like a magical quest than a classroom lesson?

    Say hello to Prodigy Math, where learning games meet epic adventures, making it a hit with young kids worldwide.

    Prodigy Math - learning app for kids
    Image source: Prodigy Math

    Prodigy Math turns learning into an exciting adventure, perfect for early elementary students.

    It blends fun gameplay with educational challenges, where each math problem solved propels players through magical worlds.

    This game-based approach integrates mini games and quests, making math engaging and interactive.

    As children tackle various levels, the app adapts to their learning pace, keeping them continuously engaged with new puzzles tailored to their skills

    Whether your child is starting to learn the basics or they’re ready to tackle more complex problems, Prodigy Math adapts to their learning level.

    This personalized approach keeps them engaged and continuously tests their skills in a fun, supportive environment.

    For parents looking for a math app that captivates and educates, Prodigy Math offers a world of adventure where every challenge is a chance to learn and triumph.

    Price: Free (premium membership available for additional features)

    Age: Designed for students in 1st to 8th grade

    Unique for: Uses a game-based approach where kids can battle with math skills and level up their characters.

    Available: Website (prodigygame.com) and on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    App #4: CircuitBlocks

    Ready to kickstart your child’s journey into coding?

    CircuitBlocks is here to make programming accessible and fun, especially for older kids.

    It uses a graphical interface with drag-and-drop blocks, simplifying coding to help kids develop early skills and understand complex concepts without complex code.

    CircuitBlocks is designed to build skills by allowing kids to program devices like the Spencer, Nibble, Batmobile and other products from the CircuitMess lineup, which shows them the practical applications of their projects.

    CircuitBlocks - learning app for kids


    It's an excellent platform for encouraging conceptual understanding and enhancing math skills, as it encourages problem-solving in a visually intuitive environment.

    For those looking for a user-friendly introduction to coding that creatively merges education with technology, CircuitBlocks offers a great starting point to inspire and educate older kids through engaging, practical coding tasks​.

    Price: Free software

    Age: Suitable for users of all ages, particularly those interested in learning to program

    Unique for: Simplifies coding with a visual interface, perfect for beginners learning programming.

    Available: Via the CircuitMess website and compatible with CircuitMess educational kits.

    App #5: BuzzMath

    BuzzMath stands out in the digital math education space, created for students aged 6 to 16.

    This platform enriches math learning by offering interactive exercises and activities that make solving thousands of math problems engaging and fun.

    BuzzMath - learning app for kids
    Image source: BuzzMath

    What truly sets BuzzMath apart is its robust support system for teachers. Educators can track individual student progress through detailed reports, allowing them to pinpoint areas where students struggle the most.

    Additionally, BuzzMath provides instant feedback on errors, helping students learn from their mistakes in real time.

    Price: One-year subscription $39.95 (each additional student for $24.95)

    Age: Targeted at middle school students (grades 6-8)

    Unique for: Offers over 30,000 math questions across multiple categories, transforming it into a comprehensive, intuitive, and enjoyable educational resource.

    Available: Via the BuzzMath and both Apple App Store and Google Play.

    App #6: Elephant Learning Math Academy

    Elephant Learning Math Academy is named after the mighty elephant, reflecting its powerful impact on learning outcomes.

    Just as elephants are known for their strength and smarts, this platform delivers a hefty educational punch, making math engaging and accessible for kids aged 4 to 16.

    This app is designed for children aged 4 to 16 and focuses on making math both fun and highly educational through gamified experiences.

    Elephant Learning Math Academy - learning app for kids
    Image source: The Mama Maven Blog

    It provides over 10,000 interactive math problems that help students grasp various concepts across different grades.

    What sets Elephant Learning apart is its real-time progress tracking, which allows educators to monitor students' growth and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

    The platform's use of games and puzzles helps demystify complex math topics, making them more accessible and engaging for young learners.

    For a detailed review, you can check the official Elephant Learning website and other reviews like those on Taneisha Kemp's blog.

    Price: $50/month for one student.

    Age: For children ages 2 to 16

    Unique for: Elephant Learning uses advanced algorithms to significantly boost math skills, claiming to teach a year's worth of math in just three months with regular use.

    Available: Via the Elephant Learning website, Apple App Store, and Google Play.

    App #7: Monster Maths 2

    Step into the colorful world of Monster Math 2, where mathematics meets adventure in an exciting 2D side-scroller.

    Players enhance their math skills by solving equations to blast through enemies and overcome challenges.

    Monster Maths 2 - learning app for kids
    Image source: makkajai

    Each correct answer empowers your character to defeat monsters with bursts of colored blocks, making every level a thrilling battle of wits and reflexes.

    The game intelligently adjusts the difficulty based on the player’s performance and chosen grade level, ensuring a customized learning experience.

    For those looking for more, the full version unlocks additional worlds and creatures for $9.99, enriching the journey with more complex puzzles and fun!

    Price: Free to download, with in-app purchases available

    Age: Best for elementary school students

    Unique for: Monster Math 2 combines action-packed adventures with math problem solving, challenging players to use their math skills to overcome obstacles and enemies.

    Available: Apple App Store and Google Play.

    How to choose the right math learning app for your child?

    Selecting the perfect math learning app for your child involves considering their age, skill level, and learning style.

    Look for apps that align with educational standards like the Common Core to ensure they complement school curriculums.

    Interactive features that engage children while offering adaptive learning paths are ideal, as they tailor the difficulty to the child's growing abilities.

    Additionally, check for apps that provide parental controls and progress tracking.

    Choosing the best math learning app for your kids

    Integrate math learning apps into daily learning

    Want to make math fun and effective every day? Why not weave math learning apps into your child’s daily activities?

    1. Start by setting aside specific times each day for app-based learning, ensuring consistency without overwhelming them.

    2. Choose apps that complement homework or explore new math topics to keep the content fresh and engaging.

    3. For optimal integration, align the app activities with your child’s school curriculum or upcoming tests, allowing the digital lessons to serve as both reinforcement and a fun challenge.

    How CircuitMess enhances early math learning for kids

    CircuitMess brings math to life with its interactive DIY kits that blend building, coding, and practical technology use.

    Products like the CircuitMess Batmobile, Spencer voice assistant, and Chatter walkie-textie kit teach mathematical concepts through engaging hands-on activities.

    These kits cover essential STEM skills, from understanding mechanical physics and logic sequences to exploring AI and encryption.

    By connecting math learning with real-world applications, CircuitMess kits make math engaging and relevant, helping kids see the value of mathematical thinking in everyday tech.

    Enhance your kids' math skills with CircuitMess

    Raise a math prodigy with CircuitMess STEM kits

    As we wrap up our exploration of the best math learning apps of 2024, don't forget about the unique educational opportunities provided by CircuitMess STEM kits.

    These kits aren't just fun; they help you learn advanced STEM skills by doing projects and solving problems.

    Raise a math prodigy with CircuitMess Batmobile kit

    Each kit—from the Batmobile to the Spencer voice assistant—gives children an opportunity to explore coding, electronics, and mathematics in a practical and engaging way.

    Encourage your child's curiosity and passion for learning with CircuitMess. Help them become excellent at math and succeed in today's tech-focused world.

    Explore the entire CircuitMess product line and choose the perfect kit to challenge and inspire your young innovator.

    Start their journey towards becoming a STEM superstar today!