Behold, Jay-D's final form!

Behold, Jay-D's final form!


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    Hi everyone,

    After a month of silence, here we are, still alive and kicking.

    We've been working hard on Jay-D final hardware design, and here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

    Here's what's new:

    1. We've molded our custom knobs for Jay-D instead of using off-the-shelf knobs that were on the prototype

    2. We've added a co-processor that is handling all the inputs (the chip is called Nuvoton N76E616AL48) to offload the main processor (ESP32) since its precious clock cycles are needed for sound processing

    3. The speakers are 5W instead of 3W as described on the initial prototype 

    4. We've opted for a USB C port instead of a Micro USB B port that was on the prototype. You'll get a USB-C cable instead of a Micro USB B cable as well.

    5. We've removed the 20 RGB LEDs and went with a total of 144 individually-addressable white LEDs. We've liked the higher LED density look better since it allowed us to create cooler visualizations. 

    Jay-D's got the bling

    6. We've removed four buttons and added clickable knobs instead. You will now be able to click on every knob to cycle through different effects and menu options.


    This design took us more than 7 PCB iterations, and we've now basically ironed out all the glitches we found.

    We're still working on the software, and it's wrapping up nicely.

    The new PCB

    When will Jay-D ship?

    The plan is to start shipping out your Jay-Ds in March.

    We are already producing the devices, and I'll post a more accurate shipping timeline in future Kickstarter updates.


    I want to extend my subscription

    You will be able to do that soon; we're launching a new iteration of our webpage with a user login, a dashboard, and the ability to manage your subscription. I'll post a Kickstarter update with more info on that as soon as it's up.


    I didn't receive my Spencer 

    If you didn't receive your Spencer yet, it's because of one of these two reasons:


    1. you didn't fill out the survey yet, and we do not have your address. We still have a certain amount of users that need to give us their addresses. If you haven't filled out the survey yet and are having trouble with it, please reach out to us via


    2. Something went wrong with the delivery process. If you are certain that you have filled out your survey and didn't get a Spencer, please reach out to us via, and we'll help and get your Spencer delivered. 



    Yay! Jay-D

    Thank you for your patience, everyone, and stay tuned for future updates.

    - Albert and the team