10 Best DIY Subscription Boxes For Kids to Encourage Their Creativity

10 Best DIY Subscription Boxes For Kids to Encourage Their Creativity


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    With so many DIY subscription boxes for kids, it can be tough to find the perfect one for your little ones.

    That's why we'll help you make the right decision and get you the best kids' subscription box that will help you raise little builders, engineers, and scientists.

    And yes, we know - not every subscription box is appropriate for all age groups. In this list, you'll find subscription boxes for both younger and older kids - and even some for parents!

    So, let's dive in and find out everything about the 10 best kids' subscription boxes on our list.

    Best DIY kids' subscription boxes for your little ones

    Whether you're looking for the perfect gift boxes for your preschoolers, elementary school kids, or even high schoolers - there's something for everyone on this list. Each of these subscription boxes will provide you with a fresh supply of excitement and creativity, delivered right to your doorstep every single month.

    You can see that the list is heavily focused on educational products and experiences. Subscription boxes are the perfect way to discover new hobbies - from learning about science, and mastering languages, to coding your own robots.

    Here are our 10 picks for the best kids' subscription boxes.

    #1 CircuitMess STEM Box - Best STEM box overall

    CircuitMess STEM Box is one of the best DIY subscription boxes for kids on the market. This is a bold statement, coming straight from CircuitMess. Our goal is to help you unlock your kids' potential by teaching them invaluable STEM skills. Here's how it works.

    CircuitMess STEM Box - best overall STEM box subscription for kids

    Once you subscribe, you'll get your first box and your first project. Each box includes a unique DIY electronics project, all the materials, and a quick-start instruction booklet. And to help your kids get the project finished - we've prepared easy-to-follow video tutorials where they can learn about building, coding, and soldering.

    Every single project is tailored for beginners and requires no previous knowledge or skills, regardless of how complex the project seems at the beginning.

    But what kind of projects are included in the STEM Box? Here are some of our most interesting ones:

    • Clockstar - a DIY smartwatch

    • Spencer - a DIY voice assistant

    • Wheelson - a DIY self-driving car

    • Byteboi - a DIY 8-bit gaming console

    • Batmobile - a DIY AI-powered smart robot car (and it's a Batmobile!)

    CircuitMess STEM Box is, without a doubt, one of the best subscription boxes for you and your kids to start learning about AI, machine learning, and autonomous driving.

    Customer reviews

    Let's hear what our customers have to say about our STEM Box! Here are some recent reviews from parents who subscribed to our STEM Box: 

    The Ringo was a super fun kit that my son and I built together. Not only was it good quality time spent but it was a great learning experience for him. I also had an opportunity to work with CircuitMess customer support and they were beyond helpful. I appreciate that they they have done and all that they are still doing. I am looking forward to building the Spencer with him next.

    - Petros, Father, USA

    My son received the Nimble personal gaming console for his 12th bday, the very same evening, determined to prove his independence he began to build. Unfortunately being tired he soldered the display on the back of the circuit board. One email with the details and Luka from Circutmess offered to make it work if I shipped it back to them or provided an option to purchase the damaged parts at a very reasonable replacement price and ship them out to us. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service and multiple options to help resolve our self inflicted problems. If you haven’t yet, decide today knowing they’ve got your back.

    - Paul, Father, Canada

    Key specifications

    • You can select a delivery plan - a 1-month, 1-year, or 2-year plan.

    • STEM Box is a quarterly box - a new project is delivered to you every 3 months.

    • CircuitMess offers additional tools and materials you can buy besides the STEM Box.

    • The STEM Box is designed for kids aged 11 and above - adults love it too!


    The price of the STEM Box varies depending on the payment plan you choose. If you're looking to get only a single STEM Box - the price is set at $99/box.

    But if you decide to get a 1-year subscription to the STEM Box, you'll get a free tools pack and a discounted price of $87/box.

    Lastly, if you commit to a 2-year plan, you'll pay only $79/box - and get the free tools pack.

    And a good thing to note - free worldwide shipping is included in the cost!

    #2 Wacky Robots - Best for getting young kids into electronics

    Similar to the STEM Box, Wacky Robots is an educational DIY subscription box for kids. It's a perfect subscription box to get your younger kids interested in robotics and engineering. Just like with the STEM box, no previous knowledge or experience is required - we guide you through the entire project, step-by-step.

    Wacky Robots - best subscription box to get younger kids into electronics

    Each Wacky Robots subscription box comes with a set of 3 DIY Wacky Robots (and all the components), an easy-to-follow build guide, and collectible cards & stickers to play with! If you're looking to build your kids' confidence to take on other challenges head-on and never quit - the Wacky Robots subscription box is the best way to do so, and have fun while doing it.

    Wacky Robots projects are simpler than the ones in the STEM box. So, if the STEM box projects seem to be a bit too difficult for your kids, switching to Wacky Robots may be a good option. There's no coding included and all Wacky Robots are designed with your little one's skills and capabilities in mind.

    The best thing is - there's always something new each month. Once you choose your Wacky Robots subscription, a new set of 3 DIY robots will be delivered every 3 months.

    And every robot project teaches kids about different areas of electronics - photoresistors, sound synthesis, amplifiers, LEDs, capacitors, unbalanced motors, and so much more.

    Customer reviews

    Before you decide to get your kids a Wacky Robots subscription, you may want to check the customer reviews. Here are some recent reviews from parents who put their trust in our Wacky Robots: 

    The entire line is awesome, my 4yo daughter likes to play with the robots and even helped me assemble them. The new ones that are coming out now seem to be more complex and I am looking forward to that. The included cards are cool and also the the comic - we hope sequels will come out since she keeps asking me "but how did the robot end up buried in the concrete?!" 

    - Vladimir, Father, Croatia

    So, my wife and me decided to surprise our 7 year old boy for his birthday with Wacky Robots. He was very surprised and happy, unfortunately he is enthusiastic about it, but the soldering is a little bit difficult for him. But he was very happy with the end result and our first own robot. We look forward to the new set and keep practicing our soldering. Keep up the good work!

    - Dag, Father, Croatia

    The good news is - with Wacky Robots, you won't have to worry about soldering ever again! Our new line of Wacky Robots is completely - solderless

    Key specifications

    • You can choose your delivery plan - a 3-month, 1-year, or 2-year plan.

    • Wacky Robots is a monthly subscription box - a new DIY robot gets delivered every month.

    • CircuitMess offers various tools and materials you can get with the Wacky Robots subscription.

    • Wacky Robots are designed for kids ages 9 and older.


    The price of the Wacky Robots subscription largely depends on the payment plan you choose, but it's super affordable in all of them. For example, if you're looking for a one-time delivery of Wacky Robots, it'll cost you only $99/box.

    There's also a 1-year subscription, where the Wacky Robots will cost you $87/box.

    But if you're serious about educating your kids with us for a longer period, there's something extra. With the 1-year and the 2-year subscription, you'll get the best prices ($79/box in a 2-year payment plan).

    And there are no shipping costs whatsoever!

    #3 MEL STEM - Best for introducing young kids to science

    MEL STEM is a highly popular STEM-focused subscription box, designed for kids aged 5-10. Similar to the Wacky Robots, MEL STEM is a monthly subscription box that includes new science kits every month. Each box includes up to 7 exciting science experiments carefully created to provide your kids with a fun way to learn science.

    MEL STEM - Best subscription box for introducing young kids to science

    Image source: https://melscience.com/

    What's cool about MEL STEM is - when you choose a 6-month or a 1-year, you can choose to receive up to 6 boxes immediately. Currently, there are 16 different STEM projects to choose from. And if you choose a MEL STEM subscription, you'll get a random STEM project every month at your doorstep.

    Among some of the coolest projects your kids can take on with MEL STEM are the gyroscope, hydraulic lift, projectile cannon, and microscope. There are many more, and they're all fun to work on.

    The variety of projects in the MEL STEM subscription is commendable, as each project greatly differs from the previous one. And if you're looking to get your younger kids interested in other topics, there are even some medical, chemistry, physics, space, and math kids' subscription boxes available.

    Customer reviews

    Before we go into detailed specifications, here are a few reviews from long-time MEL STEM customers! 

    Didn't think I would be impressed. Bought for 5 bday for grandson. Oh, wow!!! Fun, engaging, educational for 2, 5, 30. And 60 year Olds. Hydraulic scissor lift! All of us having a great time trying to lift things. What fun!! Can't wait to see grandson try next projects!!!!

    - Mish, Grandfather, USA

    With this past school year being partially virtual, I got to watch how excited my daughter was during STEAM class. So when I saw this DIY STEM Subscription box, I knew I needed to try it. This is the perfect box to do on those days that are way too hot or rainy to go outside and play.
    - Amy, Mother, USA

    Key specifications

    • You can choose to receive 2 kids' subscription boxes every month.

    • The subscription boxes can vary according to your preferences (mix in STEM, math, physics, and even space-related projects) - each month you get a themed box delivered to your home.

    • If you choose a 6-month or a 1-year subscription plan, you can choose to receive up to 6 boxes immediately.

    • The MEL STEM kids' subscription box is designed for kids ages 5-10+

    • Each subscription box comes with all the supplies you need to finish the project


    The pricing varies depending on your billing plan. If you choose the monthly billing option, each MEL STEM subscription box will cost you $39.90/box.

    But if you choose the annual billing option, the monthly cost will be $29.90/box. The longer your commitment - the better the prices.

    #4 Bitsbox Basic Box - Best kids' subscription for coding

    Do your kids love playing video games and think that computer programming is cool? Well, here's a great play kit subscription for them!

    Bitsbox Basic Box - Best kids' subscription for coding

    Image source: https://bitsbox.com/

    The Bitsbox STEM-based subscription box is one of the best ways to teach your kids coding, with new coding projects readily waiting in each monthly box. Each box includes a mix of coding projects, from simple coding projects to more advanced ones.

    The first box includes a binder that holds all your kid's coding idea cards, and each new box comes with a range of projects and a Grownup Guide - so you can jump in and understand everything even if you don't come from a coding background.

    And all the coding takes place on the Bitsbox website. So, make sure that your kids have access to a computer and they'll have everything they need to complete the project.

    When your kid finally finishes the app, you'll be able to run it on any computer, tablet, phone, or simply through a web browser.

    Customer reviews

    Before we move on, here are some customer reviews for the Bitsbox that you may want to check before buying: 

    My year old nephew is crazy about coding so I got this subscription for him as a birthday present. He LOVES it! Each month, there is a new box sent directly to his house with different coding games for him to play. My sister loves it because he's happily using technology, but the technology is actually educational. The website is intuitive and easy to use, even for the younger kids. I'd highly recommend this to any child who is interested in coding!

    - Kate, Aunt, USA

    My daughter was delighted to hear about this and for me to get it for my 10 year old granddaughter. They had already tried a coding project were happy to hear about this ongoing delivery of more advanced shipments. It is not really, really expensive but according to them, well worth it costs. Coding is the way of the future.

    - Nancy, Mother, USA

    Key specifications

    • The Bitsbox is designed for kids ages 6-12

    • Any computer with a web browser can be used to code Bitsbox projects

    • There is a Premium Bitsbox available with additional coding support, extra projects, and goodies (a bit more expensive)

    • You can download all the app projects in PDF in the Digital Bitsbox (which is a cheaper version)

    • You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or a 1-year subscription plan


    The price of your Bitsbox varies depending on which payment plan you choose. If you choose a monthly subscription, you'll get the Bitsbox at $29.95/box.

    On the other end of the spectrum, if you choose a yearly subscription, you can get the Basic Bitsbox at $24.95/box.

    And if you're living outside the US, you'll want to calculate the shipping costs. For Canada, it's $5/month and for other countries, it's $8/month. In some cases, international customers may even have to cover the import costs to receive the Bitsbox.

    #5 Little Passports Science Expeditions - Best for an all-round science education

    Little Passports offers numerous kids' subscription boxes and one of its best ones is the Science Expeditions subscription box. Every month, you get a new science topic and each new box contains experiments, inventions, comic books (and even companion books in the Premium plan), and badges.

    Little Passports Science Expeditions - Best for an all-round science education

    Image source: https://hellosubscription.com/

    From building a solar-powered car, and launching a rocket, to solving mysteries by searching for fingerprints and DNA. Science Expeditions is designed to seamlessly blend learning and fun in a kids' subscription box.

    Providing your kids with an all-around education is not an easy task, but Little Passports science kits help you do that effortlessly. Check out the full list of science projects they'll work on.

    Little Passports Science Expeditions - list of science projects

    Little Passports offers a ton of different subscription boxes for kids, with Science Expeditions as their STEM-focused one. If you have even younger kids, check out their other STEM-focused subscription boxes - they have many subscription boxes for children ages 3-8.

    Customer reviews

    Before you buy, here are some customer reviews you may want to check out: 

    My daughter and granddaughter just called to tell me how much they loved their first science passport gift. Last year, I sent my granddaughter a year of Geography Passport boxes. It was her favorite gift ever. Each month she waited daily for her package. This year I chose Science. I'm off to a good start! 

    - Lynda, Grandmother, USA

    My 9 year old daughter LOVED the Little Passports Science Expeditions kit! The experiments were fun, educational and easy enough for her to do with her friends. Can’t wait for the next one to arrive!

    - Sara, Mother, USA

    Key specifications

    • The Science Expeditions subscription box is designed for kids ages 8+

    • You can choose a 1-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription plan

    • The first box includes an entire forensic science kit

    • You'll get a gift if you choose a 6-month or 1-year subscription


    Pricing options are very similar to Basic Bitsbox pricing. If you choose a monthly subscription, the Science Expeditions monthly box will cost you $29.95. And if you choose the annual payment plan, you'll get each new box for $24.95.

    Their website indicated that the shipping is completely free, but they also indicate that shipping rates for other locations (which probably means "outside the US") may vary. It's not mentioned how much.

    #6 Kiwi Crate - Best art subscription box for kids

    This KiwiCo subscription box is an absolute hit with younger children. Each monthly box delivers interesting projects designed to spark your kids' creativity and curiosity. Unlike the previous electronics and coding-focused subscription kits, Kiwi Crate one focuses mainly on art and science. Well, it's all still part of STEAM.

    Kiwi Crate - Best art subscription box for kids

    Image source: https://www.subscriptionboxaustralia.com/

    And if you're wondering what STEAM is - it's STEM with an artistic touch (the letter A stands for art).

    Each box focuses on a different aspect of STEAM through innovative projects, DIY activities, and even some additional games in the explorer! magazine. This means - each comes with all the materials required for the experiment and detailed instructions.

    Don't expect projects like in MEL STEM or the STEM Box subscription - all science kits compose mainly of wooden and plastic parts that help your kids explore some cool scientific concepts and have a fun time. It's a fun subscription kit designed to be used even by multiple kids to play together.

    And before you go any further, here are a few DIY craft projects your kids will tackle if you choose a Kiwi Crate subscription:

    • An arcade claw game with pom pom prizes

    • Building a stomp rocket and kites for a fun flight game

    • A capillary action experiment to dive into the science of trees

    The entire box consists usually of 1-2 larger projects or 2-3 smaller ones, so your kids will always have something fun to do. It's worth mentioning that KiwiCo has so many subscription boxes for kids of different age groups and they've made it incredibly easy to switch from one to another.

    So, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can rest assured that all is well.

    Customer reviews

    Before we move on, here are some customer reviews for the Kiwi Crate you'll want to check out: 

    There is so much care and science that goes into each box. I love that my 6 year old can have something new each month that challenges him. He looks forward to getting his box in the mail!

    - Patricia, Mother, USA

    Its great for kids age 6. Once my daughter could read, she could work on the projects independantly and learns so much from each of them. Shes always so excited to show us what shes built!

    - Ashley, Mother, USA

    Key specifications

    • With each new subscription box, you'll get the explore! magazine, filled with science content, comics, and activities

    • You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription plan

    • You can get an additional curated book to complement every themed box for $10.95/box


    As with other subscription boxes for kids, prices vary depending on your payment plan. If you choose a monthly subscription, each box will cost you $23.95/month. And if the 1-year payment plan is your go-to choice, you'll get access to a lower price of $18.50/box.

    Regarding shipping - if you're in the US, you can rest easy knowing the shipping is free.

    However, if you're somewhere outside the US, shipping costs could add $5.95-$12.95 to your monthly costs.

    And if you're in the EU, you'll also need to pay the tax (VAT) which is calculated in the checkout. All in all, awesome if you're in the US. If not, find out if these additional costs fit well into your budget.

    #7 We Craft Box - Best kids subscription for DIY crafts

    We Craft Box is likely the best craft subscription box on the list. It revolves mainly around arts and crafts, designed for children ages 3-9. We can think of it as a great play kit for kids since every box can be shared between 2 kids (or we could call it a sibling box)!

    We Craft Box - Best kids subscription for DIY crafts

    Image source: https://www.thismamareviews.com/

    The We Craft subscription box comes with all the required materials for 2 crafters and includes 4-5 crafts. Every month, you'll get a box filled with photo instructions, new art materials, and a themed story about different art projects.

    Younger kids will need some assistance with their art box, but older kids will be able to easily manage on their own - especially in pair. So, if you're shopping for a great gift for busy parents - We Craft Box is one of the best subscription boxes for kids you can buy.

    The best thing is - there is no preparation time. Everything is included in this art box (except scissors and water), so your kids can start playing the moment the box arrives at your home.

    All the themed stories are imaginative so your kids will stay interested - and the crafts look lovely and very suitable for younger children.

    Customer reviews

    But let's see what We Craft Box customers have to say! Here are a few featured reviews for their kids' subscription box: 

    Key specifications

    • You'll be able to order the box only if you're in the US or Canada

    • You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription plan

    • Each month has a specific themed story to get kids inspired

    • It's designed to be shared between 2 children

    • All the tools and materials are included in the box


    Depending on your payment plan, you'll get access to different prices. If you choose a monthly subscription, you'll get each box for $34.99/month.

    And if you choose a 1-year payment plan, you'll get all 12 yearly boxes for $359.99 (29.99/month).

    Regarding shipΩping - it's completely free in the US, but if you're ordering from Canada, you'll need to cover shipping fees. It's not directly mentioned how large these fees are, but think somewhere around $5/month.

    #8 Raddish Kids - Best kids subscription for learning how to cook and bake

    This kids' subscription box is completely different from the rest on this list. Unlike other subscription services, Raddish Kids is a subscription box for kids designed to teach them how to cook and bake.

    Raddish Kids - Best kids subscription for learning how to cook and bake

    Image source: https://www.subscriptionboxes.ca/

    Raddish Kids offers 3 different subscription boxes, with each of them named a club. So, you can join:

    • Cooking Club - To teach your kids about breakfast, dessert, and everything in between

    • Baking Club - To teach kids about baking, treats, and cakes

    • Global Eats Club - To teach kids about international cuisine and help them explore other cultures

    Regardless of which kids subscription box you choose, every box includes a complete grocery list, a creative kitchen project, culinary skill lessons, collectibles (an apron patch and 4 table talk cards), a quality kitchen tool, and illustrated recipe guides.

    Also, you'll get access to Raddish Plus - which allows you to access all clubs, recipes, and other resources through their digital platform.

    And with each month, you can count on getting something new because - the kits never repeat. Some of the past boxes that have been included in the Global Eats Club and the Baking Club may have been featured in the Cooking Club - but that's it. Every month, a new culinary challenge awaits you and your kids.

    It's a no-brainer - Raddish Kids is one of the best subscription boxes you can get for your kids. It's not STEM-focused like the other subscription boxes, but it will teach your kids invaluable life skills and help them set the foundation for a healthy life.

    Customer reviews

    Now, what do parents (and their kids) think about Raddish Kids? Here are some of the recent customer reviews you may want to check before buying: 

    Great subscription box- not just for teaching kids to cook, but it's also great for getting picky eaters to try new foods! The language and format are great for my 8-year-old, and he loves learning about and working with foods.

    - Heather, Mother, USA

    We bought this for our granddaughter. She has had so much fun. It gives her essential skills for life as well as getting her involved. The recipes are fairly simple and delicious. If her younger brother will eat it any child will. I definitely recommend Raddish Kids. I suggest getting the reoccurring order because the children love it.

    - Gary, Grandfather, USA

    Key specifications

    • Raddish Kids ship their kids' subscription box globally - and the shipping is free if you're in the US

    • If you choose a 6-month or a 1-year payment plan, you'll get a free youth apron as a gift

    • Every subscription box contains all the kitchen tools and recipes to start cooking and baking (except the ingredients)

    • For an additional $5/month, you can get the sibling tool and patch for every box, so your kids can have culinary adventures together with their siblings

    • If you need to skip a month, you can do that by directly contacting Raddish Kids via email

    • Raddish Kids subscription boxes are designed for kids ages 4-14+


    Regardless of which Raddish Kids subscription box you choose, the pricing is the same. If you choose a 6-month or a 1-year payment plan - you'll get better prices ($23.95/mo for the 1-year deal) and a youth apron gift!

    However, if you want to test out this kids' subscription and don't want to commit to a longer period, your monthly subscription will cost $27.95/box.

    As mentioned earlier, shipping is completely free in the US. However, if you're outside the US, expect to cover shipping costs. There's no accurate information on their website regarding these costs, but add at least $5/month to your budget, just in case.

    #9 Creation Crate - Best electronics box for younger kids

    Creation Crate is one of the best subscription boxes on this list - and for a good reason! It's STEM-focused like the majority of kids' subscription boxes on the list, and they provide plenty of choices. There are 4 different subscription lines to choose from - and each one is age-appropriate and filled with exciting STEM challenges.

    Creation Crate - Best electronics box for younger kids

    Image source: https://interestingengineering.com/

    And even if you're an adult, you'll want to keep an eye out on Creation Crate. Every subscription box that gets delivered to you is filled with various components needed for the project, step-by-step instructions, and access to an online classroom where you can find out so much about every single detail.

    Important to note is that this kids' subscription box is much different from the rest. Here's what we mean by this:

    Subscriptions are envisioned as courses, with each course teaching you a crucial STEM skill. In this case, you can subscribe to:

    Electronics Beginner and Chemistry courses are the only real monthly kids subscription boxes out of all of them. The rest are either a series of one-off projects or 3-month courses you can buy all at once. Electronics Challenger, for example, is a set of 4 advanced electronics projects - and you can choose which one to order immediately.

    Engineering course, on the other hand, is a 3-project course focused on building a bio-mechanically controlled mech leg. And you can buy the entire course right away, without having to wait for new boxes.

    So, if you're looking to get something for your older kids, the engineering 3-project course is extremely fun and the projects in mention are - simply cool. Building a mechanized robot leg you can control never fails to amaze older kids.

    Creation Crate - robotic leg engineering 3-part project

    Image source: https://creationcrate.com/

    And if you're looking for a kids subscription box you can receive monthly for a longer period, check out their Electronics Beginner course. There are 18 different projects - and once you get the first box, you'll need to slowly work your way through increasingly advanced projects.

    Customer reviews

    Thinking about getting the Creation Crate subscription for your young ones? Here's what some of the parents are saying about the subscription so far: 

    I received the kit and was overwhelmed by how many wires and LED’s and diodes and other gizmos were included. So many opportunities for my 13 year old son to use his imagination and make educated guesses about what results would come from different circuit configurations. Also had need to reach out to customer service with a question and I received great service. Highly recommend this project kit. 

    - John, Father, USA

    The kits are difficult; even I'm learning! With that being said they are awesome! One of our kits was missing two small parts and they gave immediate response and mailed them out! Great and fast customer service which is the biggest part of my review. I believe companies that care about their customers and want success deserves success!

    - Trystan, Father, USA

    Key specifications

    • All courses (except Electronics Challenger) require no previous knowledge or experience with engineering, coding, or electronics in general

    • Each course provides you with access to the Online Classroom where you'll have hours of video tutorials and learning resources to help you with your monthly DIY projects

    • Engineering and Chemistry subscription boxes are designed for kids ages 10+, while the Electronics Beginner and Electronics Challenger subscriptions are designed for kids ages 12+

    • Regardless of which kids subscription box you choose, you can order all the projects to be delivered together (and pay a larger, but discounted price)


    The pricing works differently for all 4 subscription lines. The Electronics Beginner STEM kit costs $29.99/month. And if you choose a 3-month payment plan, you'll get 3 projects every 3 months for $84.97 - which is a good deal.

    If you're serious about this STEM kit, you can get all 18 electronics projects all at once for $499.82. As a gift, you'll get a digital multimeter, a soldering kit, and a large component case. And shipping will be 100% free since you're buying all there is to buy.

    Otherwise, be prepared to pay monthly shipping costs if you live outside the US.

    Other subscriptions end after a certain number of months - and the prices aren't too similar to the Electronics Beginner kids subscription box.

    #10 Brick Loot - Best kids subscription for building LEGO sets

    Did you ever wonder how great it would be if there was a LEGO project kids subscription box available? Brick Loot made sure this becomes a reality. It has everything kids would want in a LEGO set - custom kits, exclusive pieces, LEGO accessories, custom LEGO mini-figures, and even LEGO-compatible products.

    Brick Loot - Best kids subscription for building LEGO sets

    Image source: https://www.cratejoy.com/

    Each Brick Loot box comes with 4-8 items, exclusive set pieces, the latest brick items (before they're even available on the market), and other LEGO pieces both kids and adults would love to have.

    And each box has an overarching theme - for example, the theme of this month's box is The Knight's Treasure. So, you'll always know what to expect, but you'll never know the full contents of the box before it gets delivered.

    The same as every LEGO set - Brick Loot boxes are designed for both kids and adults, for ages 6-99.

    What's cool about Brick Loot is that every month, you'll get an exclusive custom LEGO kit designed by a famous LEGO designer. These LEGO products are nowhere to be found - except in the Brick Loot subscription box for kids.

    So, if you're a LEGO collector, this may sound enticing.

    Also, there's another difference from the classic LEGO sets we're used to seeing in stores. With every Brick Loot box, you'll get custom LED brick light, so you can easily light up whatever you can build. There's also some company merch in every box, so you'll always get a ton of value out of this subscription box.

    All in all, we're never too old for LEGO. And if you're looking for ways to spend more quality time with your kids, playing with a custom LEGO set made just for you may sound like the perfect way to do it.

    Customer reviews

    Finally, before we move on to key specifications, let's check some customer reviews from parents who subscribed to the Brick Loot box! 

    We bought the Titanic set for our son and it is one of his most prized possessions. It is accurate and a study design. We lost a small piece after having it a while and the customer service was FANTASTIC. They helped us replace it so easily. We are really impressed with this business. 

    - Wade, Father, USA

    My grandson is really enjoying it a lot & he is having fun making things. His mom put together the little building that lights up.

    - Kerry, Grandmother, USA

    Key specifications

    • There's no previous knowledge or experience required, just a passion for building stuff with LEGOs

    • Currently, Brick Loot is shipping only to USA, Canada, and Australia, but you can still order their boxes on their eBay store

    • Instead of subscribing, you can choose to gift a specific Brick Loot box (but it still counts as a subscription, so you'll need to cancel it after receiving the box)


    As with other subscription boxes on this list, the price greatly depends on your payment plan. In this case, the price difference between the 1-month and the 1-year payment plan isn't much different.

    If you choose to pay monthly, each box will cost you $33.28, but if you decide to cover the entire annual fee immediately, you'll get each box at $27.28/box

    There is a $6 shipping fee for the US, a $13 shipping fee for Canada, and a $15 shipping fee for other countries

    The best DIY kids' subscription box to get them into technology

    Phew, this was a long read! We've covered our top 10 best subscription boxes for kids - and we've got our top pick.

    Every single one of these subscription boxes is great for creatively engaging your kids, helping them learn new valuable skills, and teaching them how to solve real-life problems. But some subscription boxes stand out.

    Even though we may seem biased, we've placed the CircuitMess STEM Box at the very top. We've done that for several good reasons:

    • All the components are high-quality, and there are no cheap plastic or wooden pieces that could easily break

    • Every project is extremely cool! From a functioning robot arm to an AI-powered self-driving car, this just sounds out of this world

    • Even though projects sound complex, there's no previous experience needed

    • You can use the projects you build! DIY gaming console can entertain your kids for hours, the DIY smartwatch works perfectly as any smartwatch, and you can make real music with our DIY digital music sampler and DIY DJ mixer

    Regardless of which subscription box you choose, with these 10 picks, you simply won't miss. Each one has its load of benefits for your little ones and there's a box for everyone.

    If you're super big on LEGO, for example, Brick Loot is your go-to choice. If you want to teach your kids how to cook and bake, Raddish Kids is the perfect subscription box. And if you want your kids to rapidly advance in STEM fields, CircuitMess STEM Box is the ultimate choice.

    And here's to you, for reading this long post until the very end. We know you've already made up your mind about one of these subscription boxes on the list. If that's the STEM Box or Wacky Robots - let us know if we can help you in any other way!

    Our support team is more than ready to answer every single question you may have. Learn more about STEM Box and Wacky Robots - and reach out to us at contact@circuitmess.com whenever you need any help or information!