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A DIY AI–powered smart robot car

Go from STEM Zero to STEM Super Hero with this unique DIY kit

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Ever Wanted To Do What The Caped Crusader Did And Assemble Your Own Batmobile™?

CircuitMess Batmobile™ is a small autonomous car that comes disassembled, and you get to build it yourself, just like Batman.

How Does it Work?

  • step 1 assembling batmobile


    Assemble your Batmobile™

  • step 2 driving around


    Drive around autonomously or take control with the included controller

  • step 3 connecting batmobile with computer


    Code your own apps and functions

Rescue Gotham With a Wide Arsenal Of AI-Powered Capabilities

Drive your CircuitMess Batmobile™ around using the Batcontroller. Boost its speed, make it go faster and play cool sounds.
Create a simple sequence of pre-defined functions right on your controller, Make your Batmobile drive in various directions, light up its LEDs, make sounds, etc.
This fantastic car will bust some moves. With five different dances, and different sound effects for each dance, you'll never get bored.
CircuitMess Batmobile™ can follow a colored ball wherever it goes. Move the ball from left to right and watch your Batmobile follow it.
CircuitMess Batmobile™ can recognize different markers from cards included in the box. Show it a card and watch it perform different actions.
batmobile right side

Learn About Complex Mechanisms

  • AI icon
    Artificial intelligence
  • Computer vision icon
    Computer vision
  • Autonomous driving icon
    Autonomous driving
  • Machine learning icon
    Machine learning
  • Electronics & coding icon
    Electronics & coding
batmobile left side

Have Super Hero Fun

  • puzzles icon
    Assemble it yourself
  • steering wheel icon
    Drive around autonomously
  • camera icon
    Make it recognize and track objects
  • speaker icon
    Play cool sounds
  • led icon
    Customize LEDs for a unique look

Easy-To-Follow Instructions

  • guide icon 1

    Anatomy guide

    Learn about parts that make Batmobile work

  • guide icon 2

    Build guide

    Step–by–step guide with 100+ photos

  • guide icon 3

    Usage guide

    Tips & tricks on how to use Batmobile

  • guide icon 4

    Coding guide

    Beginner–friendly with detailed instructions

Learn Coding The Super Hero Way

Batmobile can be programmed using CircuitBlocks; our beginner–friendly coding app.

Creating a custom light show or a custom sequence of moves is as easy as dragging and dropping colorful blocks in our code editor.

Watch your code come to life!

Father and daughter having fun with the computer

CircuitMess Batmobile™ Has Lots of Tech

Batmobile tech features

What’s in The Box?

Batmobile box content
  1. Ball for tracking
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Four electromotors with gearboxes and wires
  4. Tracking cards
  5. USB–C cable for charging and programming the device
  6. Batcontroller’s PCB and Li–Po battery
  7. Acrylic casings for Batcontroller
  8. Speaker
  9. Four wheels
  10. Acrylic casing for Batmobile™
  11. Batmobile™’s injection molded plastic chassis
  12. Batmobile™’s motherboard and Li–Po battery
  13. LCD Display
  14. Headlights board
  15. Camera with a ribbon cable
  16. Fire board with red LEDs
  17. Six pushbuttons
  18. Four spacers
  19. Eight black bolts for Batcontroller
  20. Small screws
  21. Six bigger screws
  22. Two black bolts for Batmobile™
  23. Two golden spacers
  24. Switch cap



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circuitmess team

"CircuitMess is truly inspiring. Turning toys into STEM kits is a great way to encourage kids to learn by playing. We are excited that the CircuitMess Batmobile™ is their next and greatest STEM kit so far"

– Francois Simonetta Vice President at Warner Bros. Consumer Products EMEA Agents.


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Basic CircuitMess Batmobile™ kit and Batmobile™ Inventor’s kit do not require any soldering. Batmobile™ Ultimate kit has special add–ons that will give you a chance to practice your soldering skills!
Windows, Mac, Linux.
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