Girls solder too!

Girls solder too!


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    Hello there, my name is Tena and I am one of the girls from the Circuitmess team.

    Honestly, I was supposed to make a video update for you but Frankly, my best friends for the past few days are tissue paper and vitamin pills.

    Since my throat is soaring heavily (10/10 would not recommend) let me tell you a story this way:

    When I was a little girl I shared my birthday parties with my little brother and I always ended up disappointed.


    Because he was getting cool stuff like race cars, robots, laser guns and such, and all my presents were pinky and boring.

    But hey, I was a kid in the 90s and every other girl was getting things like that.  

    A few days ago, we’ve noticed something really disturbing.  

    Not only do boys still get better toys, but nothing has changed in the past 10 years or so.

    How did we end up in a world that thinks girls should only play with pink toys, and boys should be doing robotics?

    The other day, we were chatting with a dad that bought a MAKERphone for his girl.  

    We were excited with how awesome that was, but then it hit us - we’ve figured out that just 15% of our kits are assembled by girls. 

    And that doesn’t sound fair.

    This is something that we want to change.

    If you have bought a MAKERphone for a special girl in your life, or if you are a tech-girl yourself, post a photo or a video on our Facebook page with a hashtag #girlssoldertoo and we’ll hand out free limited edition “GIRLS SOLDER TOO” casings to the people with the most creative stories.

    You'll get to pick your favorite color too!

    So what do you think, what else can a little startup do in order to make a change?

    Tell us in the comments below.

    Send us photos and videos of your Xena warriors and together, we can make a change.  


    Until I can finally breathe through my nose again,

    Tena and the rest of the CircuitMess gang