MAKERphone the builder

MAKERphone the builder


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    Hey peeps,

    While the production crew is working on the MAKERphone hardware and components, we’re doing the building guide for how-to assemble the device.

    It will be similar to the build guide of our previous product, MAKERbuino:

    Tips and tricks

    Also, the last one of the components are arriving, such as a big shipment of plastic nuts and bolts which are used for keeping your phones’ components all together in one piece.

    These gold beauties are brass spacers - they are used in phones’ casings and we now have 50.000pcs of them! 

    As for the delivery,  any information will be posted here as soon as possible.

    We’ve received a lot of your support for our progress so far and we intend to maintain the good faith you have given us!


    Thank you all,

    Albert & the team