6 Signs Your Child Will Become an Engineer

6 Signs Your Child Will Become an Engineer


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    Does your child love to assemble things? Is your kid too curious about how things work?

    And most importantly, does your child like math?

    You probably have a little engineer in the making under your roof, and that's a great thing.

    Engineering includes a fantastic set of skills that can mean a lot to a growing child.

    Since you want to avoid jumping to conclusions about your little engineer, we'll help you with this article and give some tips to support his interest.

    My Child Wants to Be an Engineer - 6 Signs

    You may have a little genius in the house, and you're not sure about it. 

    Here are some of the most common signs that your child wants to be an engineer:

    1. Your Child is Curious

    All children are curious to some extent, but your child is a whole different story when it comes to that.

    Your kid is interested in everything, especially how things work.

    How planes fly, vehicles move, and devices work... everything interests your curious kid.

    Your child wants to know everything but often has ideas on how things can be improved and made better.

    Does that curious kid ask you too many questions daily?

    It might sometimes be tiring because you don't have too much time or you don't even know the answers, but you should listen to your child and try to explain the things that interest him in the best way.

    2. Your Child Loves to Build Things  

    It all started with sand towers on the beach. 

    He has always loved to dismantle and assemble every toy on his own.

    Then, of course, we moved on to Lego bricks, where your child's creativity has just come to the fore.

    You made many Lego wonders together, from medieval castles to futuristic spaceships, and your child enjoyed it.

    All engineers started with Legos.

    You also noticed that your child enjoys making something of his own.

    He makes a big mess while experimenting and building things, but it's all a creative mess.

    3. Your Child is Good at Problem Solving

    You are sometimes surprised by how your child thinks and solves some problems. 

    Your child is not afraid to think outside the box, a characteristic of all great engineers. 

    Some children love to solve puzzles, and yours is like that too. 

    Children learn to be patient through puzzles and develop the skills to solve problems systematically.

    4. Your Child Likes to Be Active  

    All children love to be active and play, but they also want to play video games or watch cartoons, sometimes too much.

    Your kid likes those things too, but you've noticed that he prefers various activities more.

    He approaches everything in a systematic and organized manner.

    Yes, he likes to play video games and watch cartoons like any other kid but not all day.

    Your child likes his day to be filled with activities and prefers to be outside as much as possible.

    If he learns something new during the day, it is the perfect day for your kid.

    5. Your Child Likes to Be Part of a Team

    Although he knows how to play so much that he seems completely in his own world, your kid has no problem playing with other children.

    The characteristic of engineers is that they are team players because they understand the importance of a good team.

    So does your kid. He likes being surrounded by other kids, playing together, and exchanging ideas.

    The only thing you noticed is that he likes to be a leader in the team, but that is also one of the characteristics of an engineer.

    6. Your Child is Great in STEM Classes at School

    This is the most obvious sign that you have a little engineer.

    And what are the STEM classes in the school?

    STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    All classes in school that include some of the above are part of STEM education.

    We don't know your child's age, but he certainly learns mathematics at school.

    You know how much children hate math; it's usually complicated and tedious to them.

    This is not the case with your child who loves math; you never have to remind him to do his homework.

    Your child doesn't think math is nerdy. Instead, he thinks math is cool and amazing.

    You Realized That Your Child Likes Engineering - Now What?

    Maybe your child told you he wants to be an engineer when he grows up, or you figured it out.

    His systematic approach to problems, patience, willingness to experiment and out-of-the-box way of thinking are all clear signs that engineering is the right thing for him.

    Engineering is something that many parents would want for their children because it is a promising career.

    Just think of all the technological advances available today and what awaits us in the future. 

    Who knows, maybe your kid will be a part of some outstanding technological achievements.

    But don't make the mistake that many parents make, which is to overload the child.

    Your kid has engineering potential, but that doesn't mean he has to stop playing and study engineering stuff the whole day.

    A child should remain a child, but with the help of his parents, work in the right way towards developing his skills.

    It would be best if you always listened to him, even when he bombards you with questions about something you don't know the correct answer to.

    Support him in his interests, but don't pressure him.

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