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  • Synthia’s build guide is online!

     Hi everyone, As mentioned in a previous update, Synthia’s shipping will start next week. We are sure you are excited to build another STEM box an...
  • How To Teach Coding To Kids

    We live in a world where coding skills are highly valued, and the question of how to teach coding to kids arises more often than ever before. Coding for kids has become a hot topic among parents, and, understandably, some parents might find themselves lost in the sea of numerous programming languages and interfaces one can use for programming.
  • A Guide On Getting Started In Electronics

    Getting started in electronics can seem like a pretty daunting task. Regardless of whether you already have an idea for a gadget you’d like to make or if you’re only looking to expand your knowledge, we’ve prepared a simple guide and that will help you get started even if you have no previous experience or knowledge.
  • What Should A Science Kit Contain?

    Identifying a good quality science kit is actually not that hard, as long as you understand what requirements it should meet. We've prepared some tips for you. 
  • How to choose the best STEM project for kids?

    With tons of different STEM projects and activities available nowadays, it’s not an easy task for a parent to find a project that will at the same time be truly educational and keep their child engaged while learning. So, we’ve created a basic checklist of what to consider when choosing the best STEM toy for your child.