This is what Wheelson looked like in 2015

This is what Wheelson looked like in 2015


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    Before i started CircuitMess in 2017 with our first Kicstarter campaign for MAKERbuino, I was making robots in my free time and competing on robotics competitions called RoboCup Rescue.

    This competition was basically like some kind of a DARPA robotics challenge competition for kids.

    Basically, the goal of the competition is to make a small robot that's going to complete a series of tasks that include:

    • line tracking
    • obstacle avoidance
    • object recognition
    • transportation of some kind of an item (you usually need to *rescue* something, that's why the competition is called "Robocup Rescue")

    This is what the robots we were creating looked like: 

    I've even found a couple of old videos from the competitions.

    These competitions made a huge impact on me and they're probably what made fall in love with technology and open my own business that's going to teach other people electronics.

    Wheelson is a sort of a tribute to all the fun I had making robots when I was in high-school and it's our first commercial product that teaches people robotics so I'm really hyped about it.

    This is the first drawing of Wheelson I've made in 2019: 

    And the first prototype looked something like the drawing:

    Note the toothpicks on the chassis on the back

    Wheelson was especially interesting to develop since it is the first time we were doing a product that has a camera in it. The first board that had a working camera looked like this and took us 7 days of debugging to make it work:

    Yay! The camera works

    Anyways, I can't wait to deliver Wheelson to you folks and teach you something about autonomous robots.

    I'll keep you posted! 

    - Albert and the rest of the crew