What you’ll get inside CircuitMess Tools Pack?

What you’ll get inside CircuitMess Tools Pack?


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    Hi guys, 

    You probably noticed that we've included our Tools Pack with some of the perks you can get, so I'll tell you a bit more about what exactly it is. 

    Getting into electronics can be tough. There are just so many different tools from different suppliers.


    When I first got interested in electronics and tinkering, it was hard for me to find the perfect tools that I needed. The worst part was when I finally found the perfect tool, but it was too expensive. So, I wanted to make this whole process as easy as possible for anyone who might be interested in getting into electronics. 


    That's why I've compiled all the tools you might need at the beginning of your electronics journey into one master Tools Pack perfect for all the makers-to-be. 


    Check out everything that you'll get inside the Tools Pack: 

    1. 60W soldering iron with temperature regulation

    2. Diagonal cutter pliers to help you cut off header pins, wires, small plastic components, etc.

    3. Needle nose pliers will save your fingers and help you insert the connectors and tighten the bolts.

    4. Solder (lead-free) is a metal alloy used to create a permanent bond between metal parts.

    5. Soldering iron stand so that you don't burn your mom's table.

    6. Precision screwdriver so that you can tighten screws with ease.

    7. Desoldering pump for fixing mistakes without the risk of damaging components.


    For most, soldering can be the most exciting part of the project. Electronics-makers melt the solder with their soldering irons so that it sticks to and connects various electronic components. 


    Solder makes all the resistors, microchips, and other electronic components work as a team!


    Have you ever soldered before, or did you get the CircuitMess Batmobile™ Ultimate pack to try soldering for the first time?

    You don't need the Tools Pack to assemble the base Batmobile and its controller - you'll get all the tools needed for that in Batmobile's box. However, these tools will come in handy for some of the more advanced packs like the Ultimate pack. 


    There's only one question left to ask - what will you (dis)assemble first