Play with the inputs!

Play with the inputs!

Now that you know a thing or two about CircuitBlocks, it's time for a bit more advanced sketch.

Go to the Display section, and click on the "fill frame with black" block.
This block will clear the display with some color so we can clearly see the sentence (or word) you'll print.

Now we get to choose what we want to put on display.

You can do it just like in the previous example. 

Find the "write" block and write what will appear on the screen once the code is executed. 

Let's write the instructions for this code because the goal is to push specific buttons and display words on the screen.

So the text "Press one of the buttons!" will appear in red letters. 

Now is the time to code what will happen when particular button gets pressed. 

To program that, find the I/O blocks labeled "when button gets pressed"

Let's start with the button A. 

So, when we press the button A, the screen goes black, and the letter 'A' will appear on it to indicate that the button A was pressed. 

Do the same thing with button B.

Of course, you can play with different coordinates and text color. 

Repeat the process for the two remaining buttons:

Don't forget to add the "loop forever" and "scan buttons" block, otherwise your code won't work. 

Click on the Run button, and check start playing with the buttons.