Are you a STEM teacher of the future?

Apply for the STEM Educators program and join our group of STEM-teaching superheroes

We offer partnership for a select number of educational organizations that show exceptional enthusiasm for spreading STEM knowledge

You will get:

Special discounts and promotions
up to 35% off for STEM Kits

Spare components
for workshop headache prevention
Workshop organizer materials
Free stickers and goodies
for the students
Direct feedback and impact
tell our development team what you like, need and want from your STEM equipment
Free worldwide express shipping
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Use our kits to teach young minds about new technologies in a fun, inspiring, and innovative way

Thanks to the feedback of educators around the world, our first kit (a DIY game console MAKERbuino) was reimagined and turned into Nibble: a better and more intuitive successor that is even more educational, fun and easy to teach with.





  • More intuitive and user-friendly
  • Dedicated block coding app
  • Full color screen
  • Better processor
  • More memory
  • More guides and tutorials





  • More intuitive and user-friendly
  • Dedicated block coding app
  • Full color screen
  • Better processor
  • More memory
  • More guides and tutorials

Educators all around the world are enjoying CircuitMess STEM kits for their unique synergy of hardware and software education

Teach hardware engineering

Soldering and mechanical engineering - unique DIY kits developed by our team of STEM experts
Explore different electronic components - every kit is based around a specific topic (gaming, wireless communication, artificial intelligence, etc.)
Introduce complex tech concepts such as microcomputers and IoT to your students in an engaging and intuitive way

Teach software engineering and computer science

Teach physical coding and computer science - every device is programmable and comes with a set of tailored tutorials
Use our beginner-friendly coding app CircuitBlocks
Develop custom apps and games for the devices students have assembled
Teach advanced text-based coding in C/C++ and Python

What others say about our kits

“Fantastic approach to get familiair with new skills that teach you how to solder and an easy way to get some insight in programming code.

Comes with super clear instructions including safety guidelines. On top of that you get the endorphin boost when you see the device working.”


“I am a high school teacher from Sydney, Australia.

We have been using MAKERbuino kits as part of a weekly after school workshop to help raise funds for other extra-curricular activities.

The kits are an amazing starter soldering project that kids are really excited to put together.

Great product at a good price, and heaps of fun to put together!”

Mr Smith

“CircuitMess is an exciting, forward thinking company founded by young people for makers and innovators of all ages.

They’re focused on the endless ways people can get involved in projects and products, especially those just starting their technology adventures!”


You’ll learn about:

You’ll learn about:


Make your very own mobile phone!
It actually makes calls!


Build & code your very own retro game console


A DIY voice assistant that talks, lights-up, understands voice commands

Tools pack

Everything you need to
get into electronics.

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