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    Hey everyone,

    Now that most of the MAKERphones got shipped it’s time to get down to business.

    While assembling the phone is one part of the journey, programming it is a completely new experience.

    That’s why today we’re launching - CircuitBlocks!

    CircuitBlocks IDE

    CircuitBlocks is a scratch based programming IDE that lets you create your own content and upload it to the phone. It features the whole MAKERphone library so you can pretty much control everything on the phone - from printing out your name on the screen to playing uncomfortable sounds over the speaker (everyone will be annoyed!).

    Here is the download link:

    From there you can download Linux, Windows and Mac Os versions.

    Installation is as simple as possible - just run the file and everything will be installed automatically! Since it’s based on Arduino, installation times will vary depending on whether you have Arduino IDE installed or not.

    CircuitBlocks Main Screen

    Here is the tutorial which is going to show you all the things you can do in CircuitBlocks:

    It also features the Restore Ringo firmware button that will revert any changes you made to the phone’s software and return it back to the default state.

    We are very proud of this product and we will be implementing more and more stuff in it as time goes!

    We have also added a couple of more tutorials regarding MAKERphone on our page. 

    Check them out here:

    Enjoy coding and share your creations, makers!

    Albert & the team