Let's talk about JayD - a DIY DJ mixtable

Let's talk about JayD - a DIY DJ mixtable


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    Hi everyone,

    Let me talk a bit more about our second STEM Box product - JayD.

    It all started with this first prototype in 2019: 

    I jokingly called the device "THE SOUND THING" because I didn't know what it was going to do, I just knew I wanted to make a product that "does something with sound".

    Soon after that, I figured out that people (kids especially, but adults as well) were playing with The sound thing as if it was some kind of a DJ setup and that's when I started going towards a DJ mixtable design.

    Version 2 of JayD looked like this: 

    I designed this one all by myself. Thank god I've got the rest of the CircuitMess crew to make the products pretty and functional (people didn't like the green color and the front plate ornaments very much)

    The current state of JayD looks like this: 

    I've scribbled some text on the photo describing the basic controls JayD currently has. 

    We're not DJs so we basically know very little about DJ setups, but we're learning on the go and we've talked with several DJs (or wanna-be-DJs) when designing this.  JayD is still in development and we'll soon have a new version with some changes and tweaks. If you have any suggestions about JayD's hardware and software, tell me in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you folks would like to see on your JayDs :)

    Stay tuned!

    - Albert and the rest of CircuitMess