PCB production and assembly update - we're getting there

Hi everyone, 

Spencer's PCBs have finished production and assembly today and we have picked up the entire quantity.

This includes both the front LED PCB and the "brain" PCB with the CPU on it.

We have manually tested all of the front plate PCBs in order to ensure that all pixels work on each PCB.

We're currently preparing test jigs for programming, testing, and calibrating the brain PCBs and we plan to test and program all brain PCBs by the end of next week. 

These test jigs preload your Spencers with firmware and verify if all of its chips work properly.


We're simultaneously folding boxes, manually packing small parts, and testing the components that need to be tested.

Your kits are starting to form tiny fortresses in our warehouse.

Our main priority is delivering your Spencers before Christmas and we're working around the clock in order to make this happen. 

I will keep you posted on our progress as frequently as I can.

- Albert

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