The next STEM Box - Clockstar, a DIY smartwatch

Hello everyone,

We are happy to see that you received and successfully assembled your Armstrongs.

We hope that you enjoyed the electronics challenge and that you have a new favorite robot to play with.


The next big thing in the STEM Box subscription is a long-awaited smartwatch called Clockstar!

We are particularly fond of this product, so we wanted to share with you all the awesome features it will have:

  1. This is our first product that will have a gyroscope & a motion sensor
  2. With machine learning, you'll be able to teach Clockstar to perform specific tasks when you perform certain movements
  3. Even though it's a pretty small device, it will have a dual-core processor
  4. You'll be able to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  5. With multiple watch faces, you'll be able to customize Clockstar and make it your own

You can check out the video below to see Clockstar in action. Of course, just as with all our other products, the best part is - you'll get to build & code it yourself.

Our team is working hard on Clockstar’s development.

We have already received the PCBs

And our design team has created this amazing booklet with all the essential information about Clockstar:

Stay tuned for more updates on Clockstar, and feel free to share the feedback on Armstrong with us.

-Albert & the Crew

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