Where it all started

Hi guys,

In my last update, I gave you all a tour of our current office space; however, before moving here in 2020, we worked from our significantly smaller office in Karlovac. 

Karlovac is where our story started; it's where we launched our first Kickstarter campaign for MAKERbuino from. Then, a year ago,.. we moved to a bigger office in Croatia's capital - Zagreb.  In this one year, our team grew from 10 employees to 23, and from 2 products to 6!

Our old office vs. our kitchen now

Remember when I told you that our old office was messier than the one we're in now? If you had any doubts, check out the photos below. 😅 


We call this a creative mess. 💪

Here are also a couple of photos from our very first space that we ever worked from; it belongs to an organization from Karlovac that's has engineering and robotics workshops and afterschool programs.

It's surreal to see these photos and think that just a little over a year ago, this is where we developed, designed, and shipped all our products from.


None of this would be possible without the support from you - our backers and Kickstarter supporters that stayed with us every step of the way while we turned our crazy ideas and ambitions into reality.  


So, thank you for your endless support through our past campaigns and our biggest campaign yet for Batmobile.  We're so happy to have you be a part of our story!


Stay tuned for more updates.



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