How to Motivate a 12-Year-Old Daughter Who is Not Interested in Anything?

No parent likes their child to lose interest in anything, but we'll tell you right now that it's not unusual.

Twelve-year-olds have already entered their teenage years, and puberty is hitting hard.

Teens are no longer those cute little kids that were easy to deal with.

They are now more complex personalities, looking for their interests and place under the sun.

But they are still children, and since your daughter is also going through that period, you wonder how you can help her.

The best thing you can do to help your twelve-year-old daughter find her interests is not to force anything on her, to listen and understand her, but also to offer her some options that might interest her.

In this article, we will explain why we have the perfect product for you and your daughter, so keep on reading.

Why is My Daughter Lazy and Unmotivated?

You probably want to tell her, "When I was your age..." but don't because that will only create the opposite effect.

This kind of mood among teenagers is not rare.

They are still unsure what their interests are and where they see themselves in the future, although this is when fears about the future appear.

Such overwhelming thoughts can lead to a loss of interest in the things that have interested them until now, and they can even consider them lame and childish.

In more extreme cases, it can lead to lazy child syndrome.

This syndrome is characterized by laziness and a total loss of motivation in children.

However, more significant problems can hide behind them, such as anxiety, depression, and lack of self-worth, which are even bigger reasons to help your child.

Naturally, children outgrow some things they used to love when they were younger. 

But if your daughter was interested in science and technology when she was younger, and now she thinks that's lame and boring, why don't you help her reignite that interest? Especially if she's talented at it.

The same goes for other interests, such as sports and music. 

It's not good that teenage grumpiness distracts your daughter from things she enjoyed and was actually good at.

There is also that feeling of rebellious teenage spirit that knows how to sometimes do opposite things just to protest against parents.

How to Motivate Your 12-Year-Old Daughter?

Like any good parent, you want the best for your child.

You want to help your daughter get out of that mood where she is unmotivated and uninterested in everything.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Talk to Your Daughter and Listen to Her Carefully

Although you are annoyed and worried that she may have neglected school and extracurricular activities, do not bombard your daughter with orders.

Instead, talk to her carefully, and listen to what she has to say.

Maybe her teenage problems seem silly to you, but we were all her age once.

Respect that she is no longer a small child but a rebellious teenager, and address her as such.

2. Show That You Believe in Her

Even if her grades are lower in school, show her that you believe in her.

Also, when she opens up and tells you her goals, they may be too abstract and disorganized, but you support her.

Be her support in achieving her goals.

3. Help Your Daughter Achieve Her Goals

Your daughter may have goals and a vision of who she wants to be and what she wants to do.

But she needs to figure out which way to go to achieve them.

You are here to pave the way to her dreams.

If she wants to do engineeringrobotics, or electronics, point her in the right direction toward realizing that goal.

Don't limit her, but also don't set too big goals for her.

You don't want her to feel overwhelmed or stressed if she can't accomplish something.

4. Suggest Some Activities That Will Motivate Her

What are the perfect activities for that?

Anything to help her get out of that unmotivated mood.

The main suggestion is that these should be screen-free activities.

Like all teenagers, your daughter probably spends too much time on her smartphone and social networks.

Sometimes you even fear that she is not addicted to the phone.

We are not saying that smartphones are bad. 

The phone can be related to a hobby, for example, if your daughter is some kind of content creator.

But we'll assume she's not because she's unmotivated and not interested in anything.

That's why you have to find activities that will awaken her motivation.

These can be activities that she loved when she was younger, but also completely new ones.

We have the perfect recommendation for you and your daughter.

How Can STEM Kits For Teens Help Your Daughter Be More Motivated? 

We are glad you reached this part of the article because we have an all-in-one product whose main purpose is motivation. 

In CircuitMess, we are all about creativity, and what better way to get motivated than through creativity.

Since your daughter is 12 years old, the best choice for her would be our STEM Box designed for ages 11+.

How does this all works?

First, you choose a stem kit subscription here

A new project will be delivered to your doorstep every 3 months.

The most popular choice is the annual subscription, but you choose as you wish.

The project arrives at your address in parts but with an easy-to-follow guide, waiting to be put together. 

Your daughter might be confused at first by this kind of gift, but we're sure she'll love it once she tries it. 

Maybe your daughter will think this is for children, but this product has been used by many older people to get into electronics as a hobby.

And what will your daughter learn through this STEM project?

She will learn about video game mechanics, robots and industrial automation, AI and motion detection, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, coding, microcomputers and microprocessors, and much more.

And all that in a fun and engaging way.

There is no better boost for motivation than when we do something with our hands.

This kind of knowledge makes many excellent careers possible, but that is not the only point.

Besides teaching about technology, robotics, programming, and similar, our products help kids develop the skills for solving everyday problems.

The most important thing is that our STEM kits start the motivation for your daughter, and we are sure that they can do that.

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